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    I thought this was a good debate. They got their points across. As a biased viewer, I believe the Democrats got their points across that they needed to. Pence was on the defense against Trump’s baggage. The interuptions were lame though, on both sides.

    At the end of the day, Trump’s tax situation isn’t going away.


    I was only able to catch the first 10 minutes and the very end, due to work. One thing that left me really unimpressed with the beginning of the debate was the way that both candidates kept talking over the moderator.


    It was a shit show.

    Pence won on style over substance. (Which the patently moronic television news punditry adore.) He basically employed, the utterly insane if perversely admirable, strategy of simply ignoring Donald Trump or refuting that he has said and done all of the things of which there is ample audio and video evidence proving he actually has said and done. Pence took a number of positions that are at direct odds with the words of his own nominee; and then lied about it with a straight face. It was oddly impressive in a quietly terrifying way.

    He metaphorically all but slapped a Pence: 2020 sticker on his podium.

    Kaine lost on demeanor; he was too aggressive in many instances though he had every cause to be. We all know first-hand how infuriating it can be to attempt to have a discussion with someone who refuses to acknowledge basic, uncontestable, reality. Having said that, he clobbered Pence with Donald Trump’s horrific record of actions and speech without relent. That was his main job, main goal, and he delivered.

    The moderator lost all control almost from the outset and never really regained it.

    The Clinton campaign won the night as the conversation continues to be about Donald Trump. The tax issue is not going away. The vast majority of American citizens, whatever their political identification, would agree with the basic premise that paying taxes is a civic duty and that there’s something inherently unfair about billionaires paying nothing while the rest of us pay our fair share. That’s one of several boiling issues the Trump campaign is contending with at the moment.

    The Trump campaign won the night as Pence’s performance, which was demonstrably far better than the nominee’s last week, has allowed Trump to slink a bit out from under the negative headlines he’s been self-accruing without pause for the past eight days.

    I doubt anyone’s minds were changed about anything as the overall level of discourse had more in common with a reality television show than a serious policy discussion.



    He metaphorically all but slapped a Pence: 2020 sticker on his podium.

    And another GOP loss in 2020.

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