Voter Suppression Worked in AZ

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    Once again Arizona gets a well-deserved black eye as the world is regaled with stories of voter suppression in the state’s largest county.

    Of polling places conspicuously absent in heavily Latino areas. And elsewhere

    Of voters waiting in line until some couldn’t wait any longer and gave up their right – their right – to cast a ballot.

    It makes no sense that Maricopa County would have 60 polling places for 1.2 million voters while Pima County had 130 for 300,000 voters. Pinal County had 82 polling places for 98,000 voters.

    There’s no way to explain it, much less excuse it.

    It is Purcell’s fault — and it’s something she couldn’t have done had Arizona still needed federal approval of such changes under the Voting Rights Act. Until 2013, the Department of Justice had to approve any change in voting procedure, given the state’s history of discrimination and disenfranchisement during elections The Supreme Court let Arizona out from under federal scrutiny in 2013.

    And, well, here we are today.

    Hearing stuff like this makes me grateful for our vote by mail system.

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