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    I know that due to labor laws, only radio stations owned by non-profit organizations can cover their air shifts with volunteers. My question is, which Portland stations have volunteers on the air?

    KMHD — I volunteered for them about 18 years ago. The only paid positions that I remember them having at that time were the chief engineer and several directors. Is the air staff volunteer since OPB partnered with them?

    KQAC — I don’t know anything about their internal operations.

    KBPS — I assume that the students are not paid, since they are there to learn. However, I wonder about the people who do sports play-by-play and the technicians responsible for broadcasts of school board meetings.

    KXRY — I don’t know anything about their internal operations.

    KBOO — Posts on this board over the years lead me to believe that none of their air staff is paid.


    Steve Naganuma

    Let me chime in on KBPS. Students are not paid during the school year as their air work is considered part of their Career Related Learning Experience. We do have a handful of paid adult staff that help with sports events, school board meetings and recording special programs. We do hire a few students to do air shifts during the summer months. That program is called Summer Sound which began in 1971.



    You can probably deduce something useful from a community non-profit station’s public financial disclosure files.

    For example KQAC: https://www.allclassical.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/2017-ACPM-Financial-Statements-FINAL.pdf

    In FY 2017 KQAC spent $2.5M on “Program Services”, of which $1.26M was “Production”. That’s a heck of a lot of “Production” expense if a significant percentage of their on-air staff is unpaid volunteers. That “Production” expense is about 2 x the entire annual budget of KRVM.


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    As I understand it, the KQAC staff is paid.

    KQAC Staff

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