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    via Communist News Network:

    “Among the other arrests this week, a 26-year-old allegedly posted pictures of weapons on his Facebook page along with threats to kill police officers…The man’s Facebook post indicated that he wanted to kill two police officers…He was charged with making terroristic threats…”

    “A 41-year-old also was arrested Wednesday on charges of aggravated harassment and making terroristic threats after he allegedly called into the 84th precinct — where Liu and Ramos had been stationed — and, requesting to speak to Ramos, asked whether the bullets had been removed from the dead officer’s head so “he could kill more cops…”

    “And on Wednesday, a man was arrested on weapons, drug and harassment charges after he was overheard threatening to kill cops while talking on his cell phone inside a bank in Queens, according to the NYPD. That man is accused of saying on the phone that he was going to kill a cop, and that Brinsley should have killed white police officers, according to a criminal complaint filed in court. The complaint says that when police interviewed the suspect, he elaborated that two white officers should have been killed ‘if the guy really wanted to send a message.'”

    Can’t yell ‘Fire!’ in a crowded movie theater for a reason. And by the same token, you can’t threaten to kill law enforcement officers and not expect repercussions.

    When your family home is broken into and invaded by a band of gang bangers – your wife and daughter are about to be brutally raped and strangled, your son is about to have his throat carved from ear to ear – and all the while you cower in the coat closet, clenching your smart phone, remember your absolute hatred of law enforcement officers and not get them involved.


    …and now you need to finish your post by citing where Vitaolgy has advocated violence or threats of violence.

    (maybe he has, but you have the burden of producing the evidence)


    Vitalogy has not advocated for violence against anyone.

    What Vitalogy does advocate for is accountability for police officers who push the limits of “protecting and serving” it’s clientele.

    And Vitalogy will also say that it makes him uncomfortable to hear about people getting arrested for their speech, as abhorrent as it may be.


    I would second all points.


    Moloch doesn’t need viagara. He just needs to think about Vitalogy.

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