Vinyl 9 percent of all album sales

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    Andy Brown

    The big picture is not pretty. Music sales are way down. Tour revenue is up. The size of the vinyl niche is irrelevant.

    What’s worse is that the increasing tour revenue is generated by a very small percentage of super groups and pop phenoms. The rest of the musicians are starving and streaming, the last great hope, doesn’t pay them squat.


    Portland now has a vinyl press.

    I think that was mentioned before.

    My interest is in how it’s niche status is going to pan out. When one looks at total sales, vinyl is nothing.

    However, that comparison doesn’t speak to the vinyl ecosystem, which is growing nicely. If that ecosystem is self sustaining, it could be a nice business over time for somebody.

    There is no need to dominate the huge music market to be relevant and profitable, particularly for private entities.


    Missing, wonder what the relationship is (if any) between the company you mention and this one I recently read about:


    I can barely giveaway my “old” CD collection!


    I’m not sure. Your link is the right one though. They are the press.

    The one I linked is a make your own record service. Cool, but not what I thought I was linking.

    @Paul, I would pay to ship the whole thing. CD media is pretty awesome, and not all that tough to deal with. I love my good CD releases as much as I do 12″ singles, when the production is good.

    I lost most of my CD library when I had to move. Theft.

    The compressed files I can buy often, but not always, are not as good as the rips I made.

    Raw audio is the same though.

    I still buy physical media for quality and low hassle. DVD Audio is another choice. Sometimes the production on those is very different from the CD release.

    Anyway, vinyl could end up being this nice ecosystem for special releases, indie, and other niche things worth it.

    Hope so. I know I would like that scene and buy regularly.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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