Victor Ives R.I.P.

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    Andy Brown

    According to his Facebook page, Vic Ives has passed away. Condolences to his wife Carol and his family. At this time I have no other details.

    I worked for Victor at Magic 107 in the ’80’s and I learned a lot about the marketing of radio and media relations. R.I.P. Vic.


    Worked for Victor in mid 80’s at KMJK.. The one thing I always remember about him was a great professional attitude. Never saw him berate anyone (Unlike some other radio management) was always positive and would have kind words for even the little people (like me)..Most of the public remembers him from Sinister Cinema…

    Here is his first episode,


    My remembrance of Victor is from the days of KVIX old time radio programming. I only met him once. In the declining period of KVIX, in October, he hosted a “save OTR” bash at the Forestry Center. I assisted a friend in providing a small display of 20s to 50s radios for the occasion. Victor seemed to appreciate the effort, and was a gracious host.

    Later in the day, he changed into his “Dracula” outfit and gave a short speech about OTR and the stations efforts to remain afloat.
    I turned to my friend and remarked “wow, he *really* gets into this Halloween season” and was informed of the Sinister Cinema connection…(major slap forehead event for me).

    R.I.P. Vic, you brought a lot of fun entertainment to the airwaves.


    Not to get off topic but I think Vic would approve. I clicked on the link and somewhere, he refers to the original 1910 Edison version of “Frankenstein” and says that not a single frame is known to exist. Scanning down the page, I find not one but two restitutions of the entire film! The first one was the best, complete with a modern stereo soundtrack.

    Steve Naganuma

    Let me echo all the kind words above. Victor made working in radio fun and everyone at KMJK learned something from his vast experience. Victor is the only GM I ever worked for that could do bits for the morning show. Here is Little Timmy from 1983.

    R.I.P. Victor


    Interesting to note, Ten years ago today:

    Jimmy Hollister died at age 66 in Folsom, California.


    Talk of Victor and Jimmy H. bring me back to my internship days @ KEX while attending Mt. Hood CC. Fond memories. Back in the days when radio stations where actually free standing buildings. Shocking, I know. Not sure if internships still even exist? If not, it’s sad. Was a great way to get exposure to ‘real radio’. Back when such a thing existed.

    Dan Packard

    A great creative talent. I thought of him as the Orson Welles of Portland.


    That’s sad news. He was a Portland icon.


    It’s also a bit sad that the rest of Portland’s media hasn’t picked up on this.

    Jeffrey Kopp

    Victor Ives – Obit from The Portland Tribune:

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