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    This is pretty great!

    Something new and morbidly interesting is happening in US politics and media, but no one can agree on exactly how to characterize it. Superficially, it is about the lies told by Donald Trump, but it’s about much more than that, as well.


    As everyone acknowledges, politicians have always lied. So what’s going on here? How are Trump’s lies different? Are they just more voluminous, more flagrant? Or is there something deeper going on that has unsettled the media establishment?

    Yes they do, but why exactly has the media decided to actually go there with Trump, when they are near constantly giving the same lying liars a free pass, day in and day out, consistently declaring, “both sides…?”

    Their trepidation has less to do with the fact of Trump lying

    than with the way he lies. They don’t mind being properly lied to; it’s all part of the game. What they cannot countenance is being rendered irrelevant. Trump is not kissing the ring. He barely bothers to spin the media. He does not need them, or give two shits what centrist pundits think. Their disapproval only strengthens him. Media gatekeepers are in danger of being exposed as impotent bystanders.

    By playing the game they have, the media is guilty of the same thing Republicans are. We all know the crazies are up there on the podium because the party has courted the crazies for years to get votes needed to pass policy favorable to the wealthy…

    The media has abandoned journalism. We all know that too, but it’s sort of unsaid still. Enough low information people do not yet get this to make the illusion worth it. When comedians, bloggers, and media overseas actually does a better job informing people and doing journalism in general than our own media does? People begin to tune out.

    I have long done that. Been years now.

    Of course, all politicians bend the truth, and Democrats do it too. But the parties are not symmetrical in this regard. There is simply nothing on the left like the phenomenon of numerous elected politicians and a third of Republicans believing that Obama is training troops in Jade Helm for a coup. That is wackadoodle, Alex Jones–level stuff, and it is routine on the right. The other day Ted Cruz speculated, based on a clerical error hyped by a far-right blog, that the Planned Parenthood shooter is a “transgendered leftist activist.” It was wildly irresponsible, but it barely qualified as the most outrageous howler of the day.

    A point made here, how many times?


    This has been done in two ways. First is the unceasing attack on “liberal media bias,” which has left journalists terrified of passing judgment on any matter of controversy. And second is the development of a parallel intellectual infrastructure, a network of partisan think tanks, advocacy organizations, and media outlets that provide a kind of full-spectrum alternative to the mainstream. (See here for more on how right-wing media dragged the party right.)


    Trump represents, or could represent, the end of that detente. He breaks the rules of political lying:

    And I’ll leave it right there. The best is yet to come when you read that piece. Several of us here should be shouting, “OF COURSE!!!” and that’s all I’ll say about that for now.

    Go ahead. Read it. Awesome.


    Trump! He is kind of like a overly aggressive Reagan, Bush Jr, & and your wannabe “Merikan all in one. He is what most puglikenz wish they could be, but don’t have the guts, the money, the connections, or the big mouth! Oh,but they secretly wish they were him. So the best they can do is support him. You see, they don’t care that he lies. They care about his passion. He says the right things! Trump really don’t care if lesser people like him. It just adds more fuel to his fire, Soto speak. And yes, he will probably win the GOP nomination. The rest of them are too lackluster or boring. But then again, damn near anyone would be boring next to Trump! And Trump is a national celebrity. He could win on name recognition alone. A sad state of affairs, but that is what it has come down to. A big aggressive mouth that says all the things a low information voter wants to hear and there you go! Politics USA 2016! At least it will be interesting.And I will give The Donald that.


    Oh yeah, politics right now is never dull.

    But it is also worrisome. Trump just isn’t Presidential material.


    How can you tell when a politician is lying?

    His lips are moving.

    Why aren’t there any rich ventrilloquists?

    Because all their puppets run for office.

    Why are politicians’ spouses and/or lovers always on top?

    Because politicians can only fuck up.


    If this ist thel

    <blockquotet messsage that I ever do. Listen to missing KSKD. He is the voice of reason. Read his posts. He makes sense! Our country depended on it!


    Missing. I had a episode. I’m OK now worries. Bed time now. Sorry bout that. Gotta get used to that . I love you guys now! And Missing is the daddy! That is why I depend on him if she it hits the fan. Missing contact me!


    Love Vox!

    This is what they do so well.


    Me too. They have been on a nice, steady run of solid commentary.

    Hope it continues. This season is never dull.


    He’ll say what he has to say to get into office. Hopefully not! But if that turns out to be the case, it will be a different ballgame. God, I hope not. The thing with Trump is: He is a dominate personality. Sure, he will encounter roadblocks. Much like President Obama did. Just depends on who controls the Senate. Or the House. Hope its DEMS! At least, that would keep this mad dog in check.

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