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    A perfect storm blew in big profits for Washington pot shops earlier this month, and a large chunk of those profits landed in Vancouver.

    Officials say the state’s budding industry set a new record on May 1, with retailers raking in $1.83 million in a single day.

    Shop owners say, in short, smokers were stocking up for both Cinco de Mayo and the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. It didn’t hurt, they added, that the weather was nice.

    In the popularity contest that is Washington’s pot scene, two Vancouver shops are smoking the competition.

    According to the State Liquor Control Board, New Vansterdam and Main Street Marijuana, located within five miles of each other, are the top two sellers in the state, raking in nearly $14 million dollars since recreational weed was legalized last July.

    Just think, all this money is no longer going to black market dealers. However, just wait until Oregon is up and running. Then there will be real competition.


    Not to mention actual new money.

    The black market isn’t something every pot prospect (and isn’t writing that a hoot?) will deal with.

    Some percentage of buyers will spend now, where maybe the didn’t before, or they would mooch, or just be opportunistic about consumption.

    There is also competition with other things. Are they buying less or no booze, movies, etc… ? Or maybe more food? :p

    Will be interesting to see it play out too. Oregon appears to be targeting a bit more flexible and leaner model, and it left it’s medical program unchanged.

    Prices may be more aggressive here. The pot black market impact was pegged at some percentage too. I think it was 40 percent. Some black market will continue to exist in the near term.

    This is probably a lot like it was when prohibition was ended. Many private stock sources remained, and still do, though it is very small today, and basically not an issue economically.

    Very interesting times ahead.

    We are going to have a mega cook out with friends and family. I’ve got the best possible, all forms on tap. On one hand, it’s a new day, and it will be fun to just experience it that way. Newbies giggling and so forth. On the other, I struggle personally. I don’t use, but for special times, and I’ve never been shy about that. No moral issues there, just caution and respect. But, it is all going to change. How will it being open impact the experience, and what does that mean going forward in terms of social norms?

    BTW, the black market still trades in high strength, and specific strains not easily found, or reproduced. There is remarkable variety. Same for booze, and we see how that all played out. Pot will probably work the same, but nobody really knows.

    The most funny bit I have encountered so far is one of the very good strains is called Obama. Wonder what he thinks of that, and if he has had it?

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