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    Got the jab yet? Which one? How easy was it to get an appointment? Any side effects?

    I unexpectedly became eligible in Oregon last Friday, when Oregon had to follow the CDC’s expanded list of “underlying health conditions.” I had two of those, so I made an appointment immediately at a Walgreens in Hood River for the Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) shot this past Monday. It was an hour drive but I wanted to get it over with, and I like the idea of immunity in only two weeks with the J&J rather than five or six with the other two vaccines.

    I got my shot around 1PM. By about 6PM I’d developed a dull headache, and overnight I had mild flu symptoms – chills and a mild fever – and barely slept. Yesterday I felt fatigued mostly due to lack of sleep, but I slept great last night, and today I feel great.


    Got both of mine. Moderna. First shot was no biggie. Sore arm afterwards and that’s about it. Second shot was a different story. For 2 days I had fatigue like I never felt before, chills, and just exhausted. But, glad I’m done with it and seeing alot of people I know get theirs as well which is nice.


    My granddaughter received Moderna and had mild symptoms for about three days. I got Pfizer and had less reaction than a flu vaccine, a very mild soreness that was gone in a few hours!


    It seems like older people have fewer side effects on average. My parents both got the Moderna vaccine, and neither had much reaction to either shot. (Mom felt some mild fatigue after the first one but hardly anything.) My step-father felt nothing at all. Both are in their 70’s. Neighbor is 80+ and same thing, felt pretty much no reaction.

    My one night after was pretty unpleasant for sure but far from the worst I’ve ever felt. Knowing it would pass soon and that I wasn’t really “sick” sure made it easier to endure.

    Andy Brown

    I had my shots (Moderna) on Jan 31 and Feb 28. I was able to get them then because my significant other has a 42 year old daughter with Down Syndrome which made me eligible as a non paid Health Care Provider (group 1a).

    My reactions were identical to Vitalogy.

    I turned 70 last month.

    Deane Johnson

    Second shot of Phizer completed Feb 26. No side effects other than a little extra arthritis next day after the 2nd shot. Ibuprophin eliminated it after about an hour.


    Got the 2nd of two (Pfizer) on March 25th. Mildly sore arm, a couple days of feeling very tired, then fine. My sister got her 2nd Pfizer five days ago. One day of sore arm and fatigue, then fine.

    Friend got the JJ vaccine. One day of mildly sore arm and fatigue. Then fine.

    Lane County gets much credit for running these clinics professionally and getting the about-to-be-jabbed in and out as quickly as possible.

    Just do it!


    My wife and I got our first Maderna shot two weeks ago through the NARA tribe. They own the Sheraton at the airport where we got the shot. Got right in. Mild sore arm, minor discomfort overall, but drank lots of water and took extra strength Tylenol and was good to go. Second shot in two weeks.

    Was talking with one of my healthcare worker friends who gave an explanation concerning why younger people might experience more symptoms than older. Young immune systems are stronger and at the first signs of trouble the system goes all in aggressive, thus you feel worse because of that battle. Us older folks, our immune system is like, “yeah, seen this before, got it covered.” Truly oversimplified but you get the picture.


    Wife and I got the 2nd Pfizer shot end of last month…she only because I wanted due to doctor recommendation…stood in line for 3 hours at local site first shot…2nd took minutes…only mild shoulder pain for couple of days both of us…otherwise uneventful…another week should take full effect…but then can I take off my mask???

    Andy Brown
    Jeffrey Kopp

    Mom (92) and I (66) got the Pfizer vaccine at Walgreen’s, our second dose last Friday, and not a bit of after effect.


    I got my first Moderna shot a couple weeks back, some upper arm soreness but that’s it. I get my second on the 18th. Both wife and mom have been fully vaccinated (Moderna), both had a dead arm for a few days and fatigue but that’s it.


    Broadway asks … can I take off my mask?


    The science does not yet show that fully vaccinated people cannot pass the virus around. Until that science is fully researched and vetted, and until the situation has calmed down A LOT we all will remain with masks and social distance rules.

    However venues will be allowed more capacity as the hospital and infection numbers improve.

    We still don’t know for sure if the new variants will infect people who have had their jabs, so I expect we will continue like this until the fall at the earliest.



    never in a million years!


    Got my 2nd pfizer dose today. No side effects, not even pain in the arm. I encourage everyone to make this top of mind. I feel we are really seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

    john72ss: your post is not clear. Are you anti-vax? I guess that is what you are implying…care to explain your reasons?

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