Utah Polygamy Ban Restored

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    I don’t advocate polygamy, but at the same time, shouldn’t consenting adults be allowed to do what they want to do when it comes to relationships?



    I know you meant that rhetorically, but yes they should.

    I mean, really. How, exactly, does that impact your life? Who cares who you’re sleeping with or who you want to marry?

    Oh, right. Republicans. For a moment I’d forgotten that the party of “limited government” and “freedom” are the same people trying to regulate everything from who’s allowed to marry whom, to who (and how) people are boinking each other, to a women’s right to choose. As we all know, the party of “life” has no problem at all with women jamming a coat hanger up their birth canal in a back alley and risking grievous harm or even death to deal with an unwanted pregnancy.

    Because we all know that outlawing a practice means no-one will ever engage in it again. I mean, if the War on Drugs or even the original Prohibition taught us anything, it’s that to solve an issue all you really have to do is make it illegal. AMIRTE?

    But I digress. LOL.

    The Utah thing is a little tougher. Arguably it’s more about the horrific situations that can arise in some of those plural marriages, including spousal and child abuse, (and disturbingly the two are often the same in some of those loony rural Utah compounds) than a specific condemnation of what two or more consenting adults are doing with each other.

    Andy Brown

    Unlike any arguments about same sex marriage, polygamy is more about the legal implications and fallout resulting from one person being married to two or more other people.
    Frankly, the cost to the state to deal with potential complications is reason enough not to allow legal polygamy.

    Having said that, I wonder how comfortable the hillbillies down in Utah would feel if legalization were to include the converse situation whereby a woman could have multiple male legal spouses and bare children with multiple fathers. If they can live with that, they have a case to appeal but otherwise the entire notion reeks of hypocrisy and domination. Sure, consenting adults and all that is fine, but if you think that’s the way those marriages work you are sadly mistaken. The women are brainwashed at an early age to accept the lopsided arrangement and it is not even close to ‘consenting adult behavior.’ It’s slavery at the core.


    Don’t forget multiple same-sex spouses, Andy. If Utah were to allow true equal opportunity polygamy then I have a would have a hard time arguing against it.


    Gross and unethical fundamentalist Mormon plural marriage aside, (how’s that for an opener?) the closest I come to defending Mormonism is whenever some adherent is under attack from an individual of a different religious faith expressly for being a Mormon.

    For example, when all of the good “Christian” folk were attempting to pile on Romney during the 2012 primaries by subtly (and in other cases not that subtly at all) calling attention to the tenants of his faith in an effort to spook evangelicals from supporting his candidacy.

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

    I thought Mitt was a bit of tool for a whole host of reasons. His religion didn’t even make my top twenty things I was concerned about during a potential Romney administration.

    All of the major religions (and no doubt innumerable minor ones as well) have a collection of beliefs that are so wacky, so illogical, and so unmoored from rationality that you have to basically disconnect your intellect and declare a moratorium on logic and objective reasoning to support them. Your average Christian evangelical would flunk logic for fourth graders.

    The only real advantage the “big three” have over Mormonism, (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism) is their foundation was during antiquity and so they often escape the kind of critical derision that comes from founding a religion during a time when people had access to newspapers and didn’t believe the world was flat. Yet, prima facie, they’re all completely laughable.

    But Mormons are the goofy ones. I.e. Your nutty belief system is perfectly fine. It’s their nutty belief system that’s the issue.

    Got it. El-Oh-El.


    It’s true LG – the relative newness of Mormonism makes it much easier to discredit than the “Big 3”, but all are built on equally specious foundations.

    Given the laughably easy access to clear evidence of Mormonism being the biggest hoax perpetrated on a gullible people, I’m surprised that there are so many adherents – and that the religion continues to grow. It’s even more true of Scientology … which means that the disprovability of a religion is not what is really at issue here, but rather the spiritual desperation of its adherents.


    I’m not defending Mormonism. I believe all religions are equally ridiculous in their beliefs and that those beliefs are all 100% based on lies.

    I understand the issues with polygamy and I don’t personally think it’s in anybody’s best interest to participate in. But then again, I feel the same way about religion and going to church! My issue is whether people should fear being charged with a crime due to their relationships? That’s the part that troubles me.


    The LDS Church is legit, but it grows based on a cultural setting. If you live in a high-density LDS community, it does become something that you will be drawn into, not because it is a cult, but because many have family and social connections. This isn’t unusual with any religion.

    My experience with living around this community the past decade was perfectly fine. Nobody tried to recruit me, and frankly, I found most of these folks to be good people, trying to do the right thing. I have no negatvie comments for the LDS. I was not persuaded by them, but that is OK. I can still let them live and let live without any negative vibes on my end.


    No negative vibes until when their religious beliefs affect legislation. And that goes for all religions.

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