Justice Department will not defend executive order on travel restrictions

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    Andy Brown

    The acting Attorney General Sally Yates has told Justice Department lawyers not to make legal arguments defending President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration and refugees, according to sources familiar with the order.

    Yates, an Obama appointee who is serving until Trump attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions is confirmed, does not believe the substance of the order is lawful, according to the sources.

    Her order is enforced only until she leaves office.
    Currently, there are cases filed in at least five states including Virginia, New York, Massachusetts, Washington and California that are challenging Trump’s order.


    “…does not believe the substance of the order is lawful”.

    Yes, that’s one of many rather large problems our wanna be dictator in chief seems to have boiling over at the moment.


    Of course it has nothing to do with politics. It’s all about “justice.”


    As an unprincipled scrotum sack, I can see how you might find it difficult to conceive in the justice department acting in good faith beholden to an impartial regard of the law over servile political motivations.

    Andy Brown

    Tough crap, bacon. It’s not like the GOP never does anything based on politics. In fact they do everything based on politics. They, like you, have vacuous souls.


    I wonder how many hours left for Yates as a federal employee.


    Until Sessions is confirmed.

    Then he can begin the immediate process of politicizing an office which is supposed to be about the law.

    Sessions will rubber stamp anything Trump says or does. Party loyalty and faith based ideology above country and the law, ya’ll.

    He’s likely going to make Alberto Gonzalez look like Thurgood Marshall.


    Yates fired by Benito Cheeto. Problems for Sessions at hearings tomorrow.


    Wouldn’t be interesting if the new Acting Acting AG also refuses to uphold the executive order? One can dream.


    So Trump says, “you’re fired”.


    Good gawd, what a cluster-f this administration has become.


    She will be regarded as a person who was on the right side of history. Just like Attorney General Elliot Richardson under Nixon.


    It looks like it was 1.5 hours for Yates at the time of my post! 🙁


    Here’s some irony


    The usual lying and hypocritical douche canoe’s will defend these recent actions (as they do literally anything Trump says or does); for everyone else whom is not a complete partisan lunatic who continue to behave more like members of a cult than a political party, it should be considered nothing less than deeply foreboding.

    The Justice Department is by definition not a political organization. The AG’s office should not and cannot be utilized as a political tool by the President; regardless of who the current office holder is.

    The questioning by Sessions of Yates is to that very point. Sessions, by contrast, will likely rubber stamp anything The Donald says or does with the imprint of that same office as he’s (by dint of his own words and record) a ruthless and fact impervious ideologue. I find it remarkable, and nauseating, that the same rounded off edges that would cheer such an outcome could be so blind as to its larger implications.

    The AG’s office made a legal determination that Trump’s immigration orders are likely illegal and therefore should not be defended. Now, let’s be clear. There was inarguably a political benefit and statement engendered by that decision. However, it’s clear that was not the overriding concern point. I.e. In this instance, doing the right thing, the moral thing, and most importantly the legal thing, happened to create a political statement. So be it.

    Of course, none of it really mattered in the short term as she was going to be out of a job regardless. President Trump (gag) has every right to appoint his own officials. As usual with this bungling and bullying doofus, it’s the manner and words in which he went about it.

    She “betrayed” her office. She’s “weak”, etc. He claimed.

    No, she did not. And no, there’s no evidence of any kind to support the other absurd allegations. She had the gall to disagree with Trump. As was her and her office’s legal and Constitutional right. That’s it.

    In this country we won’t demonize the political opposition. We do not shout down dissent. We do not bully the weak from the position of the strong. We do not steamroll the voice of the minority. Or, at least we never have before. It’s antithetical to what The United States of America purports to stand for.

    Trump could have simply issued a statement saying they disagreed with the acting AG’s contention and looked forward to their day in court where they felt confident they would prevail. Sessions, in spite of uniform Democratic opposition, will likely be confirmed anyway. Once he’s the AG he could have simply asked for Yate’s resignation; which she should have given.

    The Donald continues to act like a wannabe banana Republican dictator and behave like a childish imbecile with little to no regard for the checks and balances to power that exist in our Constitution for a reason.

    In short order, I believe we’re already at this point, this narcissistic and dangerous infant will be surrounded by nothing but yes men and sycophants. None of whom possess any of the experience or intelligence necessary to manage a complex government effectively, and none of whom have the wisdom or humility to recognize the vast array of things they either do not know or do not understand.

    This is not a Team of Rivals. This is a Team of extreme far right wing talk show hosts and TV reality stars selfishly and recklessly playing with the levers of power for their own gain and ends.

    Daily, Donald Trump is proving why he’s a danger to our own National Security. There’s a reason the 25th Amendment has been a top Google search result for the last week or so.

    Trump is not a Republican. He’s not a conservative. He’s not a Christian. He’s not a patriot. He’s not a good man by any definition of what that word means.

    Here’s to hoping that The Republican Party finds a spine and stands up this insanity before it’s, literally, too late.

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