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    Hey my Pdxradio friends!

    Quick update. I haven’t forgotten or anything like that. The startup is starting up, and it looks good! Sweat equity, which is the only kind I have to contribute takes, well… sweat!

    Been doing some speech writing help for a Berniecrat going to run in the GE. 😀 New experience. All sorts of fun. Hope it goes well.

    Looks to me like it will play out a lot like I said it would quite some time back. Nothing going on with Bernie is going to put anyone at risk above and beyond risks already present. See? Real democracy doesn’t hurt so much! Looking back, I would say the best overall things I’ve learned by working on the Sanders side of things are centered on process and policy. There is a ton I really didn’t know, and now I do. Worth it.

    The other big thing is how politics can be done. Sanders is giving progressives a big education right now and I feel good about all of that paying off very nicely. Summary: Nobody is going to do progressive things. Progressives need to become government, and that means winning elections. Good. There are a few dry run candidates this season, with mixed, but positive results overall.

    Most interestingly, media continues to either fail to understand Sanders, right along with a lot of people, though it appears the concerns over lack of unity are overblown. (again, as I said they would be)

    Just by way of quick review, you will continue to read, see, and hear a lot of garbage related to how and when Sanders will endorse Clinton. (they don’t get it) Here is the plan, and unless you get it from Sanders directly, it’s wise to understand this is the plan and end game:

    1. Run for POTUS. This isn’t expected to succeed, but it’s a complete and vigorous effort

    2. Build a movement, educated, with infrastructure, people, etc… needed for various activities and advocacy

    3. Run a bunch of new blood to take public office.

    Here is what most are getting wrong: Those are not in sequence, other than some dates and times will latch major moves. There are people running for office now, there are people building the movement now, and the POTUS run is currently establishing the best possible platform to support all of that.

    The intent behind the platform isn’t some naive believe it will matter IN THE LEAST to the party, nor POTUS now and to be. Everybody knows that. What it is all about is being able to differentiate in future elections. It’s about redefining what is a Democrat and why, and then winning seats to solidify those differences and do so with meaningful power and leverage. Both of those things are something progressives have lacked for a very long time now.

    While the election outcome impacts the scope and scale of those efforts, it’s not material to them. True since day one, and something I put here some time back. Something I was right about, BTW. Every word. 😀

    Regarding support vs endorse and when the campaign for POTUS will actually end, I can say these things:

    1. Sanders is required by party rule to support the nominee. This is why he has answered yes to all of the “will you vote for Clinton?” questions. It’s also not a lie, in that he would make that vote to defeat Trump, also in the messaging specifically since Trump became the front runner. (Prior messaging was “insure a Republican is not President”)

    2. There is actually nothing in the process that requires Sanders to endorse, fully or partially, nor end his campaign prior to the end of the process. To meet technical obligations, the minimum support is, “Vote Clinton, because Trump.”

    Whatever endorsement will come, and I find it extremely likely there will be one, will be predicated on platform planks mutually acceptable to all parties. Sanders can then campaign on that basis, be true to his messaging, focus on policy ideas, party transformation and reformation, the whole nine. Expect this, as Sanders has made being true to the ideas the central basis for his overall strategy and campaign. Those ideas are rooted in and derived from clearly identifiable human need, currently not well addressed by government today. That’s the basis, and he’s going to remain centered on that basis, which makes all the horse race fixated media frustrated right now.

    I’m not sure they are capable of meaningful discussion of the issues. Not after this campaign. They also do not educate people on process well AT ALL. The stuff I know now… Could fill a short book! Again, worth it.

    You all should know that parsing, “getting more people, or getting everyone involved in the political process” means “become government.” Flat out. No Joke. This has been completely missed, despite it being a cornerstone of the overall strategy to see the ideas actualized as better policy aimed right at ordinary people. With the exception of Rachel Maddow doing a segment or two on it, the coverage we get is nearly all process / horse race centric stuff.

    …which is part of why I’m helping to write some speeches. Ordinary people messaging to ordinary people is one of the ways differentiation will happen. It’s one of the ways to crack the media fixation on things and potentially get people to think about ideas more. Very important.

    Re: Trump

    There is a chance he will not be the nominee. It’s a small one, but there are very deep rifts in the GOP, and those are running deep enough to see Clinton getting financial support from Republicans! Either way, I do not fear Trump becoming President. The left has all they need to beat him, and can beat him badly if they adopt a message sufficient for broad support. Some 10 to 15 percent in the Sanders camp won’t have Clinton at all, but the others (myself included) have no problem making sure we don’t get a Republican at this important time.

    Re: Indictements

    First, I expect there won’t be one. Second, there will be some damage to Clinton no matter what the outcome, which we will know in a week or two, just prior to the RNC, unless something really out of left field happens. This damage ranges from severe (very unlikely) to moderate (likely) to almost nothing. (very unlikely) Again, the platform efforts going on right now are aimed right at both improving the party definition for future efforts as well as providing a meaningful basis for the majority of Sanders supporters to do the right thing regarding the GOP. (already in progress with good percentages showing now)

    My own personal efforts got me some higher up, more inside, type access than I’ve ever experienced, save for the open source legislative effort I made in the early ’00’s. (my first real exposure to direct politics as more than someone just chattering as we do here most of the time.) Again, what I have learned is profound, and I’ll share it at some less demanding future time.

    Lastly, politics will differ going forward. Mark this year. This isn’t a sore loser type mark, or anything like that. Again, from DAY ONE, those plan elements I detailed above are in progress and being done concurrently, not in sequence. The mainstream, and frankly most of the alternative media, is ill equipped to cover it. Many don’t even understand how or what that really means.

    Sanders style politics employs the democratic process to it’s full extent, has presented Americans with a meaningful and well differentiated choice, unlike prior years consisting mostly of personality and attribute differences. (Think breeds of horses in horse races to get my drift here.) What does this mean?

    It means you can, and I submit you should, be ignoring all the shitty personal commentary. “Ego, sore loser, arrogant, bitter, etc…” Not one word of that is true. Go and look at the faces on Sanders campaign in the videos and photos from the last couple of weeks. From their point of view, this whole thing is an absolutely fantastic success! Home run. No joke, and it’s just getting started too.

    Re: End campaign.

    There is a process, and when it concludes, there will be a winner and loser. That’s when the Sanders campaign actually does end. Until that time, there are no downsides at all for leaving the campaign active. To understand why this is, think about the funding and how it typically happens. Until Sanders, and to some degree Obama, the typical funding comes from upper class people and corporations who have a financial interest in how much gets spent and why. See next one here:

    Re: Leverage

    There is a lot of discussion on when Sanders should “cash in” his political capital. All of that dialog completely ignores the plan elements being done in parallel right now. Sanders leverage and power are still being developed, and since that is directly funded by those wanting the ideas to become policy, there is no urgency on ending the campaign so typical of the normal funding model. Because there is no urgency, there is no meaningful basis for ending the campaign. Simple as that, and again, if you don’t hear it from Sanders, what you are likely hearing is people who don’t understand Sanders very well at all, and it’s likely BS.

    This includes the statement from Biden made recently. What Biden is attempting here is the same thing he did with Obama on gay marriage. However, the motivations and assumptions in play aren’t something he understands well enough to also understand that won’t work the same way it did for him on gay marriage. But, this is being Joe Biden at his best! (I really like Biden, and this attempt is one of the reasons why I like him.)

    Re: End game

    Become government. New blood. Generational change. Nobody anywhere in the world is going to help progressives advance real, meaningful reform. The financials just aren’t there. This is perhaps the most important lesson Sanders is modeling right now, and I’m on board with that completely. Lack of power and leverage has seen the few bits of real progressive legislation watered down so as to be doing a net good, but tepid at best, when it comes to actually addressing basic human need driven by poor policy alignment and funding with that need.

    Finally, why does the Sanders movement exist and what does that mean?

    This isn’t getting any discussion at all. It should be, and if you have trouble understanding where our media can perform well and where it cannot, look no further than this. The Sanders movement exists for one and only one reason:

    Current leadership, since the move away from New Deal type politics and toward “New Democrat” and or “Third way” neoliberal type politics, has not done a majority and increasing number of Americans right. We have massive inequality and corruption both driving human needs, and those root causes are what the entire Sanders campaign to movement is all about.

    They created us. No joke.

    I’m putting this here in answer to a question I’m seeing an awful lot out there, “Who are you people to do this stuff you are doing?” The follow on questions are typically centered on, “Don’t you know this isn’t OK, and could do stuff we fear or one might feel shame over?”

    For the most part, all framing that I have seen on major media, and most Independent media, save for the occasional piece on the likes of TYT or RT, is put in terms of Sanders starting something. Truth is, Sanders responded to growing need by advancing what he considers the best ideas to remedy this condition, reduce need and insure government performs well for everyone, not just some people and corporations.

    Morally, that’s valid all the way down guys and is the root basis for all that has transpired. Early on, I wrote fear and shame arguments aren’t productive. They still aren’t, and won’t be into the foreseeable future. So long as the need remains unaddressed, there is sufficient cause for this movement to grow and to continue to employ Sanders style politics.

    Those are the politics of ideas, and it’s notable how much discussion is not about those ideas, but instead on process, personality, etc…

    So far, this season has been the best one of my life! Amazing! And crazy too. Not over. Not at all.

    Now, I’m off to put a little sizzle into some speeches for a woman running for office for the first time. She’s great, and I can’t wait to see her get after it. That same thing is going on all over the place right now. People connecting up. Meetups, phone calls, the whole nine. This year doesn’t allow for too many, but look out come the midterms. We know enough now to run very effective campaigns and do so on people money.

    That, right there, is totally worth it. New blood, new politics, ideally, new and brighter times in the future. So many years ago, in the early ’00’s, I started along the path to understand and participate in politics, while also understanding who I am and how this all can or should work. What I and so many others have gained in this single year exceeds all that has come before. No joke on that either.

    This is about the ideas. Should have always been about the ideas, and when people run on that basis, rooted in need that cannot be reasonably denied, the result is powerful and totally worth doing. I live for that, having a blast, and find myself grinning often, feeling lots, meeting the best people, and am empowered on a level I had given up on years ago.

    Stay strong people. It’s not hopeless. Not at all. Not from what I can tell.

    (And of course, I’ll be voting a full Dem ticket this year. In the future, I hope to see new names and bright faces on that ticket too. Can’t wait.)

    Most everything else going well in life, how about you guys?


    You are back in fine form, I see!


    Most excellent, Doug. Glad you’ve given us a full update.


    How are things Chris?

    I’m curious how everyone is doing, and we’ve not had a meetup in FOREVER!

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