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    I love this forum in that it has a simple design that is not very intense on computer resources. However, I am noticing that there are a variety of Websites out there that hang up my browser with error messages about scripts that have stopped responding. I can understand why this would happen on a Linux system, particularly if it is running an old distribution (plugins are not up-to-date). However, I run into this same problem on a work computer that is running Firefox on Windows 7.

    Are there just a lot of incompetent programmers out there writing scripts with bugs in them? In a number of the pages where I have encountered this problem, I don’t even understand why my computer needs to run scripts.

    Dan Packard

    The OregonLive website is a good, or should I say, bad example of a site jam packed with so many ads, pop-ups and ad cookies that it always taxes and slows the browser to load all that extra crud content.

    I know many of these sites need to make a profit — but at what expense?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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