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    Yeah, nosignalallnoise, we wouldn’t want Kamala Harris based on her coming off as melodramatic at a VP debate!!


    Despite some sexist remarks on this thread I would be fine with Harris as a capable leader if need be.


    I do not blame Biden for all of this nor did the people blame FDR for what Hoover did. This mess has been going on for years. Trump did not help the situation. As divided as this country is,if you are going to blame someone, you blame the voter. I have no idea how to solve the issues, or can they be solved. There is so much hate that I am concerned we may not have a country in the future. We have not been this divided since 1860. If the recession is indeed coming, Biden did not cause it. It has been in the making for sometime. COVID has been the number one issue, if the finger of blame is pointed. Add to that, people do not want to work, causing a shortage. As much as I am for freedom,but someones too much freedom is a danger.


    While I am in general agreement with your statements above, MWDX, the line “people don’t want to work” seems a little off base and unfair. We had a super slow recovery out of the Great Recession and people were grabbing on to just about any gig to keep afloat. Covid stopped that activity in it’s tracks, giving folks a necessary pause. And honestly there were starting to be “labor shortages” in 2017 and earlier in many sectors.

    Wages have been stagnant for 40 years. Labor unions have been routinely attacked and demonized. Workers have been under the thumb for a long time, and correction was bound to happen- Covid just gave clarity.

    If you are an employer with a shit job and terrible wages, guess what? You will have a “labor shortage.” And if your business model is built upon being successful only if you pay low wages, then you deserve to go out of business.

    This society currently lionizes “job creators” but those guys aren’t in business to create jobs, they are in business to make money using the most efficient labor they can get away with.

    When the federal minimum wage was created in 1967 it was $1 per hour. Sounds really low- how could you feed a family on that, right? The equivalent in buying power today would be just about $19.50 an hour. And you have folks just trying to get it to $15 or in some communities even $12.

    I hear these business and governmental leaders saying that workers should be grateful for a job. It works both ways, pal. Employers who value and are grateful for their workers never have a labor shortage.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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