U.S. Capitalism Is Not Working

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    Missing; “Let me put this another way. There is absolutely no way Harris is going to win the nomination by winning primary votes. Not going to happen. If she ends up with it, then the supers picked her for some damn reason. And it won’t be good”

    You’re just fortunetelling. You have zero way of knowing now whether Harris will win the nomination or not or how people will vote. You can’t imagine her winning it fair and square because you can’t conceive that a lot of Democratic voters might have a different point of view than you have. You simply assume that most voters simply agree with you – and if Harris wins, then somehow, those people you believe must agree with you weren’t able to vote.

    A bit delusional, I’d say.


    Get back to me when she catches fire. We have plenty of time.

    I do not want an authoritarian, big money cop for President.

    This isn’t about the large number of people willing to do anything because of Trump. Hell, we could just pitch damn near anything, frame it as “less worse” and job done.

    Easy peasy.

    This is all about an also large group of people who will not vote Blue no matter who.

    Policy, whether it is inclusive matters. Policy is what will win the general. Policy is what drives vote for people.

    A bigger, badder boogie man is poor, high risk politics.

    Best not leave them out.


    And hey, if I am delusional, I am also not a worry right?

    Which is it?

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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