TV Digitnet Changes For 2021

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    Good to know. Supposedly, KJYW-LD made an adjustment yesterday and should be broadcasting on 21.1 – 21.6 in the Salem area. I am out of town and can’t check. If someone in Salem does a re-scan and if it pops up, please let me know.


    I’m assuming that packing more digital channels into one overall channel (2.1, 2.2, etc) reduces the available frequency bandwidth available to each sub channel?

    Some of the OTA sub-channels that came in fine before that have been now joined by other sub-channels are now less stable and occasionally pixelate for me.



    As I understand it, each station is still limited to an 18mb data stream. Under ATSC 1.0, You could cleanly squeeze 1-2 HD channels out of it (not perfectly, but still get them if they were 720p) or, 1 HD and 2-3 SD’s with lower bit rates. Under ATSC 3.0, the codec and compression rate make it possible to get multiple, clean HD streams out of that same amount of data. I am not sure as to the exact amount of channels, but it would not surprise me if you started seeing “.8’s” as everyone rolls ATSC 3.0 out.


    It looks like the ION station is already getting close to that. Some of the bandwidths I see is like .8 mbps. Now that is narrow. I think 12.2 COZI is pretty narrow. The pq is okay but nothing to write home about. I am surprised OPB has not added a .5 as they have gotten requests for World.


    I’m not sure where this belongs…

    Eugene has a new-to-me low-power DTV station KORY-CD with 6 count ‘em 6 digital channels 15.1 thru 15.6. Barely receivable. Program descriptive text wrong on all, with .5 and .6 sending out test patterns.


    I checked and they have the 6 channels. No HD. All are 480i SD. So getting 6 SD on one channel, the pq should be decent.


    I don’t have trouble receiving 15 on a home brew antenna in my garage attic, but they’ve been playing around with the channels over the last couple of months. They started with 3 shopping/infomercial channels, along with COZI, an old b/w movie channel, and an old TV show channel, which I don’t recall the names of. They weren’t the well known ones. Last time I checked a couple of weeks ago it was all shopping and infomercials.

Viewing 7 posts - 76 through 82 (of 82 total)
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