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    It is because Trump is a national celebrity. He comes across as a strong man. A human weakness. Many people desire a strong man, for better or worse. Human nature, I suppose.


    It is not Trump who needs explaining but those who vote for him.


    This just ties everything together perfectly.

    Things look pretty bleak for the GOP nationally for the immediate future.

    They’ve no one to blame but themselves for this.
    They invited in the bigots in the 60’s and the Evangelicals in the 80’s.

    Now the inmates are running the asylum.

    “We may now have a de facto three-party system: the Democrats, the GOP establishment, and the GOP authoritarians”


    There’s an excellent op-ed out from Louis C. K., not comedy and not satire. It should be required reading for everyone.


    Yeah, he did really well on that one.

    I find it really interesting how the framing is “three party” when the electorial math just doesn’t support doing that.

    Really, we’ve got two parties, each with voting blocs, or factions. Maybe it makes more sense to begin to describe our Politics in that sense.

    Third party discussions always end up inaccurate or marginalized, both of which are useless.

    In this case, it means the struggle is over who controls the GOP! Third party framing completely ignores the build up to this point (intentional), and that link back to both the Tea Party, and the fact that it really IS who the majority rank and file Republicans are.

    (also intentional, despite Tea Party framing being “independent”)


    Remember in 2008 when the GOP accused Obama of being a “celebrity”?

    Oh how memories have shortened!


    Info came out today that Romney filed to run for president last month. It could mean nothing or everything.


    I have no doubt Romney is hoping to be called upon at the convention to save the GOP. How nice to not go through the meat grinder that is the primary only to save the day after everyone else has been bloodied throughout the process?

    Truth be told, Trump will gain the delegates needed to win outright and there won’t be a brokered convention. If he doesn’t, how would all those super loyal Trump supporters react? They would not support Romney. The standard Trump supporter thinks Romney is weak and a two time loser.

    Any way you look at it, the GOP faces serious headwinds no matter how it shakes out.

    Which makes me happy as a Democrat.


    Me too.


    It seems improbable, though not impossible, this ends up becoming a brokered GOP convention.

    While there’s undeniably a real effort underway by GOP party elites, moneyed donors, the Republican intelligentsia, etc. to put a stop to the ignorant, racist, nativist, vulgar and childish demagogue that is running away with the nomination and (likely) dooming their chances to reclaim The White House, I don’t see an end game that’s going to work out in their favor.

    Putting aside for a moment that strategy is predicated on candidates other than Trump winning a number of important upcoming winner take all primaries, (including Rubio needing to win Florida, Kasich needing to win Ohio, etc.) and that a lot those results are statistically unlikely to occur, it fails to address the (ahem) elephant in the room.

    Donald Trump *is* the mainstream Republican party. The GOP has spent decades courting these extreme elements; we’re witnessing the logical culmination of the southern strategy. The inmates have taken over the asylum. And the inmates love Donald Trump because he *is* a loud, brash, no-nothing, anti-intellectual, racist, nativist, demagogue. It’s a feature, not a bug.

    So, what exactly do these bright bulbs in the upper echelon of GOP power brokers think is going to happen if they actually do manage to create a brokered convention designed to deny il Trumpe the nomination? I’ll tell you what will happen: chaos.

    The Donald will not go quietly into that good night. He’ll bellow that the majority of primary voters chose him and that he’s the true/real/preferred candidate of “the people”. And, sadly and laughably, he’d be correct. He’d split off an run as an independent before meekly falling into line behind the GOP establishment’s pick. He regularly threatens as much already.

    At the end of the day I think the vast majority of Republicans, including everyone on that side that *knows* he’s a dangerous idiot and dangerously unsuited for the office, will end up supporting him rather than voting for Hillary Clinton or staying at home.

    Country first, right GOP?


    Two things are certain to result in a Hillary win: a Trump nomination or a brokered convention. Trump being nominated…well, that’s obvious. A brokered convention will result in the nominee being damaged goods whomever it may be – even Romney. And don’t forget – every Republican debate becomes material you will see in a Hillary ad this fall.

    And what if a brokered convention *still* yields a Trump nomination? Could happen, though I’m not sure if that would weaken or strengthen his chances.

    As long as Democrats don’t stay home in November, President Clinton will be inaugurated next January.


    It’s all been said before…but I can’t recall reading such a thing from a newspaper editorial board in an important swing state during a presidential primary.

    Powerful opener:

    The Sun Sentinel Editorial Board is not going to make an endorsement in Florida’s March 15 Republican presidential primary because the kind of person who should be running is not in the race.


    Doonesbury, 1990 June 18-23.

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