Trump's win due to racism and sexism

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    The study includes a straightforward chart that, as the news-analysis site Vox wrote, makes clear that “voters’ measures of sexism and racism correlated much more closely with support for Trump than economic dissatisfaction after controlling for factors like partisanship and political ideology.”

    Vox editor-in-chief Ezra Klein put it this way on Facebook: “The numbers here are impossible to read any other way.”

    That said, racism or sexism obviously did not animate all of Trump’s supporters. Millions of Americans voted for the Republican candidate because of straightforward partisanship, because they liked his ideas on taxes or because, yes, they feared for their economic lives.

    But the study — titled “Explaining White Polarization in the 2016 Vote for President: The Sobering Role of Racism and Sexism” — argues that the just-completed election was indeed different than previous ones, and in a very ugly way.


    I have sensed this as well. And you are correct, it is very ugly, just when we thought we were past all that crap. Or were we?


    When Clinton ran against Obama, Obama had two advantages: the color of his skin and that he was a man.

    She’s really a two-time loser to racism and sexism.


    AH yes, but of course…the racial advantage of being black. Right from the Bill O’Reilly playbook. If only McCain and Romney weren’t so white, they would have won!


    “She’s really a two-time loser to racism and sexism.”

    Something that you seem to be extremely proud of, for some reason.


    She is comforted by her 3 million vote surplus mainly because it drives Trumpelthinskin to distraction.

    Andy Brown

    In the end it’s the Republicans in Congress that will have to get rid of drumpf. People like bacon will be on board with it when it happens and it will happen. drumpf is ill equipped to deal with crisis conditions. He is a serial liar with a huge ego that must constantly be fed. He will make even his most loyal minions cringe with disappointment when he falls. It won’t have anything to do with partisan sniping when he fails, either. The bacons of the world will act surprised and disappointed but the writing is on the wall. Here’s a quick review:

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