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    Donald Trump has been president for all or part of 33 days. He has averaged four falsehoods or misleading statements a day in that time. There hasn’t been a single day of Trump’s presidency in which he has said nothing false or misleading.

    That data, which comes from a terrific new project from The Post’s Fact Checker that seeks to document Trump’s statements in the first 100 days of his presidency, is stunning.

    On Trump’s first day in office, he made seven (or more!) misleading claims. That was one of four days in which he has made seven-plus false or misleading claims; that’s roughly 12 percent of all the days he has spent in the White House. In fact, there are more days (18) when Trump has made four or more misleading/false claims than days (15) when he has made one or two.

    Of course, this article is 5 days old, so the streak is now at 38.

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