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    Andy Brown

    drumpf has shown already he is unfit to be President.

    drumpf’s executive order comes at a time when American troops continue to fight alongside Iraqi soldiers in the fight against the Islamic State IS). A high-ranking Iraqi general said Trump’s order banning Iraqis from entering the United States “has caused massive disappointment in the hearts of every Iraqi who is fighting radicalism.” Moreover, this executive order follows President Trump’s repeated statements about taking Iraq’s oil. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, in response to these statements, has reassured his people that the oil is “the property of the Iraqis.” By issuing this executive order, President Trump has further strained the already complicated relationship with Iraq and created a wedge between U.S. troops and the allies and partners we need to fight IS. And IS is watching: Their propaganda channels are already pushing the line that the United States views Iraqi translators as “worthless.”

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