Trump's real problem…Money

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    We all know Trump’s shortcomings. However, it appears his biggest problem is now something nobody saw coming…money.

    Hillary is so far ahead in campaign money, it isn’t even competitive. Not sure that puts her in a great light, but it is reality and will either doom Trump politically, or financially. And do we really want a President willing to go bankrupt AGAIN, just to win the Presidency?


    Help Trump. Buy a Trump bumper sticker and invite damage to your car!


    Trump is as disinterested in the infrastructure necessary to run a modern campaign as he is learning about anything he speaks about.

    There’s a number of aspects to the 2016 presidential campaign that were already without precedent, not the least of which is Trump in essence running to be the president of rural, white America, and his laughable fundraising efforts are yet another. We really are in uncharted territory.

    As that situation is somewhere far beyond the horizon of lackluster and incredibly alarming to the RNC and the entire donor class, I’ve been interested to hear what the spin on that would be from some of his surrogates on cable. Apparently the theme they’re trying out is that it’s an actually a good thing and underscores how amazing Trump is because Hillary/evil/Wall Street, etc.

    That’s an interesting way of spinning that he’s running an inept campaign and has tepid support across a wide swath of his own would be supporters. I suspect that will actually play really well with the base of the GOP. (See also, credulous, paranoid, misinformed, prone to conspiracy theorizing, etc.) Of course, the problem is it’s absurd and on-one outside of the base of the GOP will buy into it. Particularly as Trump Land is going to have to do something about their paucity of war funds. And something soon.

    Trump has had the Republican nomination locked up for going on six weeks. Yet he’s done little of anything that’s required to mount an effective general election campaign. (Hillary, by contrast, pivoted to the general two months ago while still in a primary contest with Bernie Sanders.) And for our resident misinformed misanthropes, insulting people on Twitter and talking to Hannity on Fox News isn’t general election preparation. Organization, infrastructure, strategy, and tactics aside, (He doesn’t even have staff on the ground across most of the map much less an organized voter strategy) he’s not campaigning nor running advertisements in any of the states that will be critical to any Republicans electoral map. While that will no doubt change, there’s never been a presidential campaign run in the modern era that’s been this inert at this stage.

    Hillary has been carpet bombing television, radio, and the web with devastating Trump ads (which of course are devastating because they mainly consist of Donald Trump just talking and being Donald Trump.) You don’t need a lot of spin when the Republican nominee is insulting everyone from Latinos to the disabled to women to the LGBT community. Sidebar on that last: not even a day after Orlando he was tweeting out pictures of himself posting with vehemently anti-gay religious bigots who support his campaign.

    Trump’s been bragging since he came down that gold plated elevator in Trump Tower a year ago that’s “really rich” and could “easily” self-fund his entire campaign. I guess we’ll see.

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