Trumps Montana rally

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    18 Inaccurate Claims From Trump’s Montana Rally.



    dork, by posting your videos are you looking for converts, or clicks? You are getting neither here.

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    While I do not agree with a whole lot presented, I do totally respect getting after it.

    That video has 5k likes on a subscriber base of over 250k.

    I just completed work on a community, with a few others who get this stuff and who all write and can post, pick up on what is hot, that packs a nice punch on views and uniques per day.

    Working on another one now, local action based. There are several out there now, growing rapidly.

    You all would not believe the raw hunger for news and politics opinion and advocacy there is out there right now. It is amazing!

    Assuming a modest 15:1 ratio, likes to views, that one probably hit 75k people. Given a large subscriber base, lets say a modest eighth to maybe quarter are uniques. And a video per week.

    That’s roughly half to a million unique views per year. My guess, amd it will have error as I do not currently do video. We may start with audio at some point though.

    Depending on watch time metrics, could be low 5 figure income, depending.

    Last stats I had on one recent project were 600k to over a million per month, 10 percent uniques average. It is bigger now.

    Berners mostly, demographics centered on 50, but notable all the way down theo7gh teens. (Who actually do show up and contribute meaningfully) 😀

    Demographics on all that trend under 40, under 35 hard too.


    Over 65, trending hard over 70.

    Notice the hard push by the majors to get in front of people online? The reason is they are getting their collective asses kicked.


    The majors do not publish or broadcast anything from the labor point of view. That is needed big.

    Again, I am not making any other statements about these videos, just putting their potential into some perspective.



    Hey Ed, Ive got plenty of clicks and lots of subscribers. Give it a listen and let me know what you think. You may actually like it. Thanks for the kind words missing, I really enjoy making the videos and the paycheck I get from it. 😁

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    1) I assume your YouTube links are video versions of your posted rants, so not interested in simply experiencing the same tripe that you post here, but wrapped in a leather jacket.

    2) Beyond your cryptic thread titles, you provide no context for your YouTube postings – so why should I click? Just to see your sexy bare chest? Nah.

    3) If you can’t write it – and write it articulately – then you really don’t have a coherent statement to make. Or, if whatever you write needs to be defended or explained by a YouTube video, then it’s probably not a strong argument to begin with.

    So, that’s why I’m not clicking.

    Edit Add: Don’t care whether you have a million subscribers or none. Being as ratings-obsessed as Trump doesn’t validate your positions or arguments.



    If I want to be irritated by an uninformed right-wing idiot, why wouldn’t I just watch/listen to a professional nut like Sean Hannity? At least he knows how to dress.

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