Trump's Comments Were Not Racist

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    Excerpts from article by Sally Zeliovsky

    Once again Republicans have proven just how stupid they can be with Paul Ryan publicly corroborating that Trump’s comments about Judge Curiel are racist. Maybe Ryan should have read attorney Alberto Gonzalez’s Washington Post article defending Trump’s right to question Judge Gonzalo Curiel’s objectivity.

    Trump isn’t timid about highlighting the double standards that have been hoisted upon us by the Democrat-Media Complex and affect virtually every aspect of our lives. You see, racist comments or bias in the criminal justice system or judiciary in general, are racist or biased only when conservatives, Republicans, or, G-d forbid, white people make such comments or hand down judgments that impact any of the myriad victims in the Democrat-Media Complex fold — gays, blacks, Hispanics, women, union members, the homeless, drug addicts, welfare-recipients, etc.

    Trump believes Curiel’s personal and political beliefs regarding his heritage — not the law and facts of the case — may have been a factor in a string of negative rulings in the Trump U case. Trump has some views on illegal immigration, the building of a wall, and U.S.-Mexican relations that, it would be an understatement to say, have irritated many Mexican-Americans — just look at the protestors in San Jose waving Mexican flags and their signs: Make America Mexico Again. It is not far-fetched to suggest that bias might have played a role.

    If white juries can be biased against black defendants; if white employers can have built-in, internalized biases that, despite good intentions to be non-judgmental and discrimination-free, dictate their behavior anyway; if basically every time a white person does something to a black person it is racially motivated because we cannot control our inner racist no matter how much we try; if every black male in jail is incarcerated because of institutional and internalized racism even if the cops who put them there are black — then why can’t a Hispanic judge or employer or juror be riddled with the same invidious racist tendencies that influence their decisions and behaviors as well? Because only whites, conservatives, and Republicans are racists.


    Pretty much.


    Sally Zeliovsky of American “Thinker”.

    More Confirmation bias


    Sure, Judge Curiel could be racially biased against white Donald Trump. But I have yet to see any evidence of it.

    What is unacceptable is Trump claiming that Curiel is *inherently* biased against Trump because of his heritage. Trump presumes that Curiel has a stronger allegiance to Mexico than to his duty as a jurist; that he automatically is politically opposed to Trump because of his heritage (that’s bad if the GOP wants to get Hispanic votes). Judges are held to a higher standard of objectivity than a citizen jury.

    Using Trump’s logic, any group in society that opposes his policy proposals cannot be trusted around him. Should all Secret Service agents that protect him therefore be white Reupblicans? Should any person who stands before a judge be able to “veto” the decision of the judge based on perceived bias?


    Trump’s comments in this specific instance, and a wide array of others, are incontestably racist. As in, by definition.

    Were this serial lying, racist, bigoted, misogynistic, ignorant, thin skinned, blustering bully the nominee of my party, not only would he fail to receive my support, I’d likely give serious consideration to switching party affiliation. Trump is cartoonishly unqualified and possessing the wrong temperament to be allowed anywhere near the levers of power.

    Yes, there’s that litany again. Get used it. (Some) Republicans are yet again defending the indefensible. Because of course they are.

    Those facts are a pesky thing. But then again, we all know that reality has a well-known liberal bias.

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