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    No Bacon, THAT is a misrepresentation. He doesn’t write about people of “any race”, he writes about “black Americans”. Find a quote where the author extends his criticism to all races, then come back and make your argument.


    At the risk of being branded racist, I will ask, aren’t many Black voters considering Hillary Clinton as the lesser of two evils, compared to Trump? I am saying that because in the past, critics of Clinton policy said that it was not bold enough in providing welfare services and in challenging the Republican policies of the 1990s.


    Trump uses Chicago gun death to say “Vote Trump!”

    Will his unbelievably poor choice of words ever cease?


    A: No

    But they will cease having even a small margin of relevance in a couple of months.

    Andy Brown

    For months, the mainstream press kept trying to sell this election run up as a race. Recently, they are not. The overwhelming majority of stories and coverage are moving towards the inevitable conclusion that this competition at the presidential level is a foregone conclusion, quite correctly in fact. We’ve known since the conventions finished that drumpf is finished as well. This is probably the underlying reason why drumpf’s campaign has brought in Breitbart whose headlines still dwell on fantasy. Just a few days ago they were claiming through some unknown poll that nationally Clinton and drumpf are tied. That’s ludicrous but if all you care about are reaching the small group of drumpf uber alles characters that live in caves, hate women and minorities and at most went to community college for a few years then I guess losing among everyone else is now what they accept as the ultimate outcome in November.


Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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