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    Andy Brown

    On Tuesday, after much negotiation and drama over how the meeting would take place, Donald Trump sat down with a handful of New York Times journalists and editors to take their questions about his upcoming presidency. And, as they spoke, Trump proceeded to nonchalantly walk back several major promises he made during the campaign, prompting spittle-flecked headlines on Breitbart like “BROKEN PROMISES” and outrage from all corners of Trump’s Internet.

    Few should be surprised that Trump, a political chameleon who was a registered Democrat in New York City before he crisscrossed America’s heartland in his Boeing 757 as a born again Republican, flip-flopping on issues ranging from the Iraq War to abortion as he went, may now be abandoning—or at least softening—some of his most extreme positions. The Muslim ban? It may or may not be happening. The Wall? A great “campaign device.” Obamacare, too, might not be so bad, Trump has said, as long as he can keep just the popular parts. Then again, it may be just as likely that Trump keeps his promises, depending on who has his ear and whatever he is feeling on any given subject at any given time. For now, here are Trump’s biggest broken promises from his big New York Times sit-down:

    He Won’t Pursue a Clinton Indictment

    Trump Admits Waterboarding Might Be Bad

    Trump Admits Climate Change Might Be Man-Made

    Trump Acknowledges the Existence of the First Amendment

    The New York Times Is O.K.

    Yes bacon and Herb, your dreams about a pro life President were never really well founded since after all drumpf is a life long Democrat (up until a few years ago) and a life long pro choicer.

    Your dreams end soon. drumpf’s SCOTUS appointment will undoubtedly be more pro business then pro life. Are you prepared for it?

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