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    Isn’t this like saying the black QB is out in the parking lot eating a bucket of chicken and watermelon?

    Trump supporter taunts Elizabeth Warren with a Native American war cry

    The video speaks for itself.


    Because this has what politics has become. Childish antics because the opponet thinks that everything he does will be “huge”, or “much better”. Of course, without very few specifics on how to back this up. It is so out of the mainstream, it is beginning to sicken me. The fact that so many in this country have bought into it also sickens me, and makes me wonder what happened to my civil, courteous, rational country.


    But, the BOO BOO BOO BOO BOO cry is 100% racist beyond belief.

    I’m stunned to actually see this kind of thing on video, and even more stunned that conservatives are willing to support this kind of crap.


    I wish I could say I was stunned.


    I don’t listen to the Michael Medved show that frequently, but yesterday, I did. It was “Disagreement Day.”

    Medved, I found out, does not support Donald Trump. I think the words that he used were, “he’s a disaster.” One caller, a Trump supporter, asked Medved why he won’t get behind Trump. This caller even admitted that Trump is “not the sharpest knife in the drawer.” My jaw dropped on hearing this.


    Elizabeth Warren deserves every bit of this mockery and more. When she applied to Penn and Harvard, she fraudulently checked the box claiming she was Native American, and yet she is 110% full of shit. While in the meantime, continuing to make a huge scene about it.

    There is so much comedic material over Elizabeth warren’s FAUX native american heritage this would be comedy gold for Saturday night live.

    And speaking of Elizabeth Warren here she is back in 2004 trashing Hillary Clinton calling her a donor puppet.


    This post is for everyone except Dork, since he doesn’t give a shit about facts:

    The Globe obtained a portion of Warren’s application to Rutgers, which asks if prospective students want to apply for admission under the school’s Program for Minority Group Students. Warren answered “no.”

    For her employment documents at the University of Texas, Warren indicated that she was “white.”

    But Penn’s 2005 Minority Equity Report identified her as the recipient of a 1994 faculty award, listing her name in bold to signify that she was a minority. The Herald has twice quoted Charles Fried, the head of the Harvard appointing committee that recommended Warren for her position in 1995, saying that the Democratic candidate’s heritage didn’t come up during the course of her hiring. “It simply played no role in the appointments process,” he said. “It was not mentioned and I didn’t mention it to the faculty.”

    The Herald later quoted Fried, a former U.S. Solicitor General under President Ronald Reagan, saying, “I can state categorically that the subject of her Native American ancestry never once was mentioned.”


    Just for you dork:


    Subsequently, David Bernstein discovered that in annual reports by the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) from 1986-1994, Warren was listed as a minority faculty member. Since AALS bases such information solely on what faculty self-reports, the information must have come from Warren herself. The AALS directories, however, only identify whether the faculty member is “minority,” not what minority status is claimed.

    Confirmed – Elizabeth Warren knowingly self-identified as Native American on law association forms

    Trump is right about Elizabeth Warren’s Native American problem


    Is Warren of Native American heritage? She believes she is, based on stories passed down in her family, but there is no evidence to prove it (a very common situation; read )

    Has Warren used Native American status for professional or financial gain? There is no evidence to prove so.

    Case Closed.

    (However…is the Republican Party once again demonstrating tone-deaf racial insensitivity by using “war whoops” and “Pochahontas” as terms of derision to criticize Warren? Abso-fucking-lutely.)


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