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    Donald Trump suggested at a Tuesday rally that “the Second Amendment people” might be the only ones who can take action against a Clinton presidency.

    In a speech at the University of North Carolina, Trump suggested gun owners could take Clinton out in order to prevent her appointing judges to the Supreme Court.

    “If she gets to pick her judges,” Trump said, “nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is.”

    Wow! Should the secret service be investigating?

    Andy Brown

    I believe he was implying that the “second amendment people” could rise up and revolt, but I don’t think he meant that literally. He wasn’t suggesting they “take out” Hillary Clinton.

    At any rate, this is just another example of the liberal media taking a comment out of context and distorting it to demonize Trump, while they let their candidate skate.


    Trump is still floating around in his rarefied world of privilege and money, where “jokes” like this are usually laughed off – because in his world, money or influence usually get the job done.

    But those who swallow his claptrap are generally powerless and moneyless, but are likely have one item in their possession that makes them feel powerful – a gun. These true believers are not going to see this kind of language as sarcastic or joking, but as marching orders.

    Trump and his careless rhetoric is going to make sure the Secret Service earns their paychecks this election cycle, and well into the Hillary Clinton presidency.

    Andy Brown

    F&Bacon: “He wasn’t suggesting they “take out” Hillary Clinton.

    At any rate, this is just another example of the liberal media taking a comment out of context and distorting it to demonize Trump”


    That’s exactly what he was suggesting. To whom and to what do you think he was alluding to when he said “If she gets to pick her judges <there’s> nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is.”

    You are a wholly pathetic individual, Vern. Here’s Fox news:

    Eventually Vern you will grow up and realize it’s not about what drumpf meant, it’s about what he said. It is calling for violence. Shameful and wholly unpresidential. And it’s not about the ‘liberal’ press demonizing him, either. Apparently that’s become your new fall back statement.

    It’s hard to know for sure who is a bigger loser, you or drumpf.

    Captions are actual drumpf quotes




    Upon further reflection, Pope Bacon takes the win.

    Yes, Donald Trump is a total nincompoop. Inarguable. He’s an ignorant, bloviating, thoughtless moron. So, it’s yet again really just Donald being Donald.

    Here’s the direct quote: “If she gets to pick her judges,” Trump said, “nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is.”

    Yes, there it is. The GOP candidate for President of the United States just suggested (completely off the cuff) that assassinating his political opponent might be a viable option should she be elected to the presidency. There is, literally, no other remotely reasonable interpretation of that comment.

    Did Donald Trump “mean” that? Here’s the thing: It doesn’t fucking matter what he MEANT. It’s what he SAID. It’s so far beyond the pale that words along cannot express how reprehensible and deeply irresponsible those words are. I’ve read the campaigns official, frantic, scurrying attempt to explain this statement and it’s as inauthentic as it is childish as it is predictable. And no-one other than rabid and blind Trump supporters would believe a word of it.

    Pope Bacon knows what Donald Trump said and what it means. He’s just such a lying, hypocritical, piece of shit that he’ll defend (literally anything) Donald Trump says. That’s already been proven time and again. This is just yet another in a series of lows. Clearly, there’s no bottom. Crazy is as crazy does, etc.

    If those exact same words came out of the mouth of a Democratic candidate the far fight would be losing their GD minds right now. Fact. Without a doubt. Without question.


    Great quote:

    “You’re aren’t just responsible for what you say. You’re responsible for what people hear.”
    – Michael Hayden on CNN, 8/9/16, via Twitter


    I need to vent here.

    I am so disgusted with Trump right now I am totally turning off cable with these so-called “panels” where each side tries to defend their candidate. Of course, the Trump supporters sound absolutely stupid trying to defend their looney tunes nominee. It is just the same thing day after day…Trump says something stupid, these cable news panels come on and try to defend it. I want to throw-up. Atleast CNN tries to offer both sides, Fox is beyond the pale in pushing a nominee that is so out of touch and so lacking in any qualifying traits that would even remotely make him a POTUS. This campaign is unlike I have ever seen in my lifetime. I just hope the country’s electorate will see the light and do the right thing in November.


    Make no mistake, Trump’s comments meant one thing. It assumes Hillary is already elected and is in a position to nominate judges. Only “the second amendment folks” can solve that issue? Don’t tell me this means anything else than assassination. Shame on anyone who tries to defend this comment.

    I have to ask, is this the last straw? Probably not, because as Trump said earlier, he could shoot someone in broad daylight and still would be supported by his base.

    I fear he may end up dropping out given the current polling situation that shows him behind by a BIG margin. But, for my own personal reasons I hope he stays in. I’m banking on the down ballot effects.


    YAWN! Nice try…and by the way Id much rather have Trump for President than a dangerous Dinosaur named Clinton who has overstayed her welcome in Politics. She has single handedly put the security of our country at risk by her sheer incompetence with her server that got hacked. Who the hell knows who has all those e mails????-pretty much any country has those 33,000 e mails. Take your pick at what country probably has them. Not to mention her campaign and the DNC specifically Debbie Wasserman Shultz was helping to Rig the FUCKING ELECTION!!!!! RIG THE FUCKING election so Bernie would have no chance of winning!! Total favoritism toward Hillary Clinton and basically gave the middle finger to all those Bernie Sanders supporters who put their blood sweat and tears into getting him elected. Im a little surprised that you are so disgusted with Trump for a comment he made today yet you just brush the whole Bernie sanders issue under the rug along with the fact that Hillary Clinton is dangerously incompetent with her e mails and putting our country at risk. Yet, you are worried about a comment Trump made…Seriously? Its time to take a look at your own party, Hillary Clinton is a fraud, and a dangerous incompetent liar. I can’t wait to see more of those WIKI leaks get exposed to to the public so we can see more of the fraud,corruption and lying that is going on in the Clinton campaign.


    Fuck you.


    I think Dork has a crush on Hillary and is too repressed to admit it.


    The glare from the tin foil hats is hurting my eyes!


    “Nice try”, says the man vying for the title of dumbest man on the internet. As if this latest Trump catastrophe anything other than self-created by Trump himself.

    Trump said it. What he meant is irrelevant. Trump has been widely condemned for that statement across the political spectrum. Republicans are driving as much of the criticism as any other quarter.

    Even the contorted explanations from Trump’s own surrogates are completely stupid and often self-contradictory. And the explanation has changed half a dozen times since those words burbled out of Trump’s mouth on Tuesday.

    In his own words, “If she gets to pick her judges”, Trump said, “nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is”.

    That statement implicitly frames the assumption that Hillary Clinton has already been elected to the presidency. As such, she would be able to nominate justices to The Supreme Court. Trump, somewhat correctly states that there’s little (the voters) can do about that. You know, because she’ll have won the election and as outlined in the Constitution that’s something (nominating Supreme Court justices) that the President of the United States gets to do. He then floats the idea that “Second Amendment people” can do something about that.

    How can can that be construed as anything other than a threat? The Second Amendment is about the right to bear arms. Once Hillary Clinton is elected President, exactly how would “Second Amendment people” do anything at all either about her election or her Constitutional authority to nominate Supreme Court Justices if we’re not talking about an implicit threat of violence? The implication is clear and it was on purpose.

    If those words had some out of the mouth of Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, or for that matter just about any other politician their career would be over. The Republicans would be losing their minds and calling for that candidate to drop out of the race. (And hey, some R’s are now doing just that to Donald. Apparently there’s a shred of common decency left in some small corners of that political party.)

    Rather than address any of that, Dork has chosen to alternately ignore the whole thing or blame everyone but Trump, and then regurgitate a slew of discredited and debunked, lunatic right wing allegations.

    • “She’s put national security at risk”! At best, unproven. The FBI had a more sober assessment, but what do they know?
    • “Take your pick at what country has those emails”! Welcome to hyperbolic, crazy Republican conspiracy theorizing. It’s not fact dependent, so you can just make up your own crisis.
    • “The election was rigged”! No, it wasn’t. That’s not what the e-mails from the DNC show at all. But ok. You go right on keep saying that. You’ve never let facts get in the way of believing something.
    • “Poor Bernie”! You don’t care about Bernie Sanders or his supporters.
    • “She’s a liar”! In some cases, perhaps. But you clearly don’t care about that or at least only selectively so. The facts of that matter have been laid out time and again and you’ve never once acknowledged any of it. Trump is the most untruthful politician of all time from either political party. Fact. Hillary’s truthful ratings are the highest for any political candidate of either party this election cycle. Fact. Trump being a serial lying buffoon doesn’t seem to bother you at all, so what’s the problem with Hillary’s occasional obfuscation?

    The entire lynchpin of the Clinton email hysteria is dependent upon a whole series of suppositions that range from unproven, to unlikely, to untrue, and are furthermore can only be strung together if you’re the kind of credulous boob or ideological hack that would assume the very worst of Hillary Clinton at all times with malice aforethought. You folks, for real, sound mentally ill.

    As for “just being worried about a comment Trump made”. Right. He, literally, invited gun violence against a political opponent. No, nothing to see here. No big deal.

    That, on top of him being (in his own words, by his own actions) someone who (happily) knows next to nothing about either domestic or foreign policy and has shown little interest in learning, is a bigot, is a misogynist, is a serial lying, thin skinned blustering bully, who trades in insults, has encouraged violence against political opponents, has floated the idea that an armed insurrection may be necessary should an election not turn out the way he’d like it to go, and has engaged in frightening demagoguery at every turn. Oh, and not that you care, but also does not sound nor act in any way a “Christian” would on top of having no actual conservative credentials of any kind.

    Yes, it’s just the latest completely fucking insane and irresponsible comment that has me and others upset. Just that. Nothing else.

    You, Dork, are an unbelievable hypocrite, ignorant troll, and all around lying sack of shit.

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