Trump resigns in DISGRACE!!!

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    Want the progressive vote? Best come and get it.

    Should the Dems actually post up Biden, I will abstain and watch him lose.



    That would be a vote for Trump!



    Missing prefers Trump to Biden.



    Nope. Read it again.

    By that same grade school reasoning, it can be said many of you prefer Trump to Bernie.

    Completely unproductive.



    Missing: “Should the Dems actually post up Biden, I will abstain and watch him lose.”

    “A person may cause evil to others not only by his actions but by his inaction, and in either case he is justly accountable to them for the injury.” – John Stuart Mill

    “There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction.” – John F. Kennedy

    “There are many roads to prosperity, but one must be taken. Inaction leads nowhere.” – Robert Zoellick

    “In any bureaucracy, there’s a natural tendency to let the system become an excuse for inaction.” – Chris Fussell



    Missing: “By that same grade school reasoning, it can be said many of you prefer Trump to Bernie.”

    Wrong. I do not want Sanders to be president, but if he is the Democratic nominee running against Trump, I’m not going to “sit it out” and let Trump get re-elected – I’ll vote for Sanders if I have to.

    You on the other hand have said you won’t vote for Biden if he is the nominee – a half vote for Trump.



    Yup. I have no confidence in Biden.

    Biden, along with enough Dems to be a real problem, think it is OK to leave people out of the policy discussion while at the same time expecting their votes because Trump is a bad guy.

    Not OK.

    Secondly, any nominee not serious about health care is a material, direct threat to me and mine. I don’t respond well to that sort of thing, and am by no means alone. There is a significant voting bloc holding in solidarity on that matter.

    Anyone looking to avoid Trump would be well served by taking the M4A matter a bit more seriously.


    Andy Brown

    Missing, you sound like the kid at the playground whom brought the ball. The Ds will get this done without you. Bernie’s loyal lemmings pale in numbers compared to the get rid of drumpf masses. Sorry, bud. Bernie brought some good points to the discussion. Sadly, though, he’s brought a lot of noise as well and if you are counting on the younger voters to push him over the top, history says fuggedaboutit. Given a year to ponder all this, perhaps your group will become more savvy about how you beat Republicans. As of right now, they don’t get it and neither do you. Clearly.



    Sure they will. So no worries about the progressives and Bernie, right?

    Which is it?



    Also, my vote for Biden matters not. He will lose.

    Let’s be ultra clear here. Nominating Biden is reelecting Trump no matter what I do. He is having a hard time even remembering he’s in the running.



    Sanders would lose to Trump in a landslide even without my vote, so maybe I should sit it out if he is the nominee? Then after the election I can say, “See? Told ya so!”



    Sanders would have won big in 2016 and is currently the strongest candidate against Trump.

    He may not get the nom. Whoever does can get my vote with a strong progressive agenda commit.

    Just so you know, Sanders and campaign do not expect many Clinton type Dem votes. It is all about getting that 40 percent back in the game.

    The number of people unwilling to vote for either party garbage is currently larger than the entire Dem party. The number of indies is also larger than the Dem party.

    Party, beltway in the bubble pundits have no real idea what the electorate actually looks like these days.

    Party size dropped as dramatically as seat count did during Obama. That is what running on progressive ideas, only to play center right in actual governance does.

    Would be nice of you to vote, but the movement is not running on a fear, blame and shame campaign. It is running on a strong vote for basis and expects to ask for those votes.

    That is precisely what the massive and growing ground game is currently doing.

    Sanders win or lose, the work to take it left economically does not stop, just like it didn’t in 2016. Most are playing long game.

    To that end, the other big effort is to again primary corporate Dems, unseat them and replace them with small money, economic lefties.

    Wash, rinse, repeat.



    Enjoy your permanent minority.



    The number one thing that lost me was seeing big money Dems fail to make the ACA viable.

    What did pass did EXACTLY what progressives said it would. It DID NOT do what centrists said it would.

    Watching 1000 plus seats evaporate off a majority, along with massive increases in the number of Americans in real economic trouble sealed the deal.

    I am done. Party fail. Time for new economic moves.

    Re: Vitalogy

    The current party economic vision hurts me and mine. It is a direct threat to our welfare.

    So is Trump.

    The difference? I expect that of the GOP. It is unnecessary and unacceptable of the Dems.



    Missing: “Sanders would have won big in 2016 and is currently the strongest candidate against Trump.”

    No he isn’t. Look at these polls

    General Election (CNN):
    Trump vs. Biden: Biden +10%
    Trump vs. Warren: Warren +8%
    Trump vs. Sanders: Sanders +9%

    Wisconsin (Marquette)
    Trump vs. Biden: Biden +6%
    Trump vs. Warren: Warren +1%
    Trump vs. Sanders: Sanders +2%

    General Election (Emerson)
    Trump vs. Biden, Warren, or Sanders: +2

    In which imaginary poll is Sanders doing better against Trump than Biden is?

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