Trump resigns in DISGRACE!!!

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    Suck it you arm chair clown. 😀



    Google mania.



    Hey spanky




    Knock this crap off or you’ll both be reported to Dan.

    Christ this is getting old. Agree to disagree and walk away like (presumably) mature adults and drop it already.



    Like you’ve ever added anything other than gibberish on this side.

    Seriously, scroll the dial if you don’t like what you see and go tinker with your Commodore Vic 20 in your Mom’s basement.



    I think you should laugh signal. I do. No real harm done.

    People are wound up pretty tight. Politics is a very hard conversation in these times. And not just here. Many nations, who have adopted neo liberal, market preferential policy are seeing intense and growing unrest in their working classes.

    The way I see it, the conversation will be had. It can be ugly, or not so ugly.

    It will be had because the policy and ideology wielding levers of power are forcing it to happen. Too much grows unacceptable for too many people. In simple terms, the top is taking too much.

    On the other side of it, we are likely to see another, more just and prosperous time. But, that all could be a while, and we may well see worse before we see better too.

    Here’s the thing: I could just pretend. Could have said that which is a comfort or familiar, and join in denial over the state of the body politic right now, and it would not change a thing.

    I know that, so it might as well be real.



    Let’s flip the script. Let’s say Warren or Bernie wins the nomination.

    I will NOT vote for a candidate that will raise my taxes to pay for Medicare for all and take away my private insurance.

    I know it won’t make any difference in OR but look at the swing states. Many union members who have healthcare benefits as part of their negotiated agreements won’t be that pumped.

    If a Dem candidate runs on taking away private insurance, they will lose, and lose bigly.



    Why do you want to keep your private insurance?



    Ah. Finally!


    Vitalogy, that makes way more sense than the other garbage.

    I just linked an article speaking to this issue.

    Fact is, most people do not have care coverage on par with yours Vitalogy. Worse, a public option won’t work. It will see all the sick people pushed to it, leaving a bigger mess than the one we have right now.

    Like I said, hard times politically. The conversation must be had, or we are gonna lose.

    There are also enough people to cause a loss who will not vote without a very firm commit to Medicare For All.

    What is worth what?


    Andy Brown

    “There are also enough people to cause a loss who will not vote without a very firm commit to Medicare For All.”


    The pitfalls of Democrats somehow grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory make good headlines, but fall pretty flat when you investigate and quantify the intense amount of hatred of drumpf and Republicans in general across the entire public.

    To be clear, second term elections are a referendum on the incumbent and to a lesser extent the party of the incumbent if they are in control of either house of Congress. Second term elections are not about issues. Midterms are far more driven by issues.

    Sure, there are many one issue voters. Whether it be Herb and his weak arguments about abortion or F&B and his faux religious conservative shtick, the reality of what approaches is not going to be decided by one issue voters unless that issue is getting rid of drumpf. Far more voters will be voting against drumpf than not voting because they don’t feel either candidate meets their qualifications.

    As we learned last time around, polls don’t mean a whole heck of a lot one at a time. The trends in the polls are probably the only value to be had especially when we’re over a year out in front. So much can happen between now and then that dealing with and about healthcare issues is a big waste of time. Besides, it’s not as if Presidents can pass legislation the way they want it to be. It’s a tough road to navigate from what a candidate says while campaigning to law.

    On Healthcare, Biden gets it correctly. Improve Obamacare. While all the other candidates spurt out details out the gazoo, the reality is that Obamacare is still the law. The hapless GOP tried for years to get rid of it and couldn’t. It’s a keystone that solves some of the issues as they were seen almost ten years ago.

    In other words, the hatred for drumpf and the GOP hypocritical elite far far outweigh any other factor right now and moving forward will only increase as more and more revelations about how drumpf is running the government, both domestic and foreign. If you think this all revolves around one issue, you’re mistaken.



    Someone had better do something pretty soon because it is now the official position of the administration that Trump can go on a murdering spree in front of the police and they aren’t allowed to do anything about it, no stopping, no investigation, nothing!



    Not bogus Andy. Biden has minority view. Not a winner




    Absolutely not. Biden is being propped up big right now.

    He has zero chance of becoming President.

    The name Biden carries some weight, but his non policy vision, “nothing will change”, is not what is needed at all.

    Will not take too long. He is already overspending and the big money is getting damn tough to find. His small money prospects are tepid on a good day. His field org is a joke too.

    Current plan is to plan to lose early States to start out.

    I decided, over the last week”, I have votes for Warren and Sanders. Nobody else.

    And Warren is conditional. She has it, but could lose it.

    The likes of CNN are way out of touch and currently hold low mindshare with people under 40, maybe as high as 45.

    Citing them is laughable.



    Vote for Trump then!

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