Trump now at 50% approval rate

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    Bernie Bros didn’t do the work.


    And Bernie Bros can’t bitch about Trump. You had your choice and chose to support a trump by poo pooing Hillary.


    Yes we can, will, have. Any time, any day.

    You just do not have standing to say otherwise. Like I said, you do not understand how democracy actually works.

    Trump is a mad carnival barker and Clinton is why he is POTUS too.

    There is nothing you can say to change that, and I have no time for pretend politics.

    No self respecting progressive does.


    >Bernie Bros didn’t do the work.

    Clinton herself made it clear they were not needed. Raw hubris.


    “And Bernie Bros can’t bitch about Trump.”
    Sanders would have beaten Trump in the Presidential.

    Not to re-steer the commentary, but the DNC Vice Chair now has issues:

    WHOA if true: MN Dem. Debra Hilstrom tweets SHOCKING Facebook post accusing Keith Ellison of domestic violence

    I have a conundrum. Back in the day, we were taught to have tolerance, maybe even respect, for those with civil differences. Congressman Ellison certainly has. If his culture and faith allow for such behavior, so be it.
    But, with these ‘allegations’ coming two days before an election I wonder.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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