Trump now at 50% approval rate

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    Gallup has him at 40% – down from 45% (his highest of 2018) in early June. 55% disapprove – a gap of -15%:

    At this point in Obama’s presidency, when the economy was still struggling and the Democrats were just a few months away from losing the House, Obama’s approval rating was 45% (47% disapproved). That would be a gap of -2% instead of Trump’s -15%:



    I just thought of something: What if we all showed up at Trump’s rallies? That would give him an idea about how most people really feel about him.


    Andy Brown




    buh-bye, Dork. Hope you can afford a shirt soon, LOL!



    Speaking of those frequent MAGA rallies

    Who sets them up? Who pays for them? Who gets in? If they’re open to anyone, why are there never any protesters or dissenting voices? Why does the press feel obligated to cover them, given that Trump always spouts lies, gross exaggerations, and pure propaganda?

    Why is nobody in the media examining how much time Trump spends on rallies and golfing? Noting how critical he was of Obama’s similar activities.

    Did Trump actually attend university? Like real classes? Did he take legit exams and pass on his own? Or did his dad buy his son a degree? How can any president who speaks at a 4th grade level* like Trump and has poor spelling and grammar have possibly earned a degree in anything other than cosmetology? Which would help explain his orange complexion and odd hair.

    Excuse me but I have to find my photo ID so I can go buy some Cap’n Crunch cereal and a quart of milk.

    *And not a particularly bright 4th grader.



    Who sets them up? Who pays for them? Who gets in?
    If they’re open to anyone, why are there never any protesters or dissenting voices?
    There are.
    Why does the press feel obligated to cover them,
    Because there are.
    given that Trump always spouts lies, gross exaggerations, and pure propaganda?
    Seems to work for him. You forget he’s also a twit:

    Donald J. Trump
    ‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
    16h16 hours ago
    Lebron James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon. He made Lebron look smart, which isn’t easy to do. I like Mike!




    I will add The Donald did not start this. LeBron and Don did. Sure, King James jump-starts a community action center in Cleveland but he’s a Laker now.
    If we’re gonna BB retro, I like “Mister Clutch”.



    Is English no longer the default language for this board? Lol.



    LeBron James is a role model. Trump is not.

    And it’s obvious that Trump’s attack on James is racially motivated.

    Regarding the polls, the recent polls I saw in the upper Midwest had dire results for Trump. He would not be re-elected today.



    Andy Brown

    In a nutshell, what we have witnessed to date:




    Trump: brought to you by Bernie Bros.



    Was Clintons who urged him to run. Was Clinton who avoided the press for over 300 days, and Clinton who told nearly half her support they were not needed, and it was Clinton who said Romney voters would get her the win.

    She had a billion, establishment support, a great Resume, and Bernie, as well as her own Staff, many being Berners who were happy to help her win, and still managed to lose.

    Clinton is why we have Trump.

    Blaming people with no power, no influence, many of whom took Clinton at her own words:

    You are not needed, I will win anyway, and go right ahead and vote your conscience…

    …is completely laughable.

    There is no way blaming and shaming people to vote for someone who demonstrated that kind of entitled hubris and who clearly (very clearly) could give two shits about them, and their interests, makes any sense, other than denial of same hubris.

    Yeah, that is you. It is an ugly look. You can do so much better.

    Clinton played a bluff, got called, lost her ass. She actually thought she had entitlement. Didn’t. Should not be big news. Should not even be a discussion, but she managed it. Amazing!

    That is a big deal. She fucked us.

    No more. Progressives are not willing to entertain non representation anymore. She and party leaders of similar mind are toxic to the struggling majority out there. Not as toxic as the GOP is, but toxic enough to see consistent growth in thr number of Americans getting fucked economically as well as give the nod to endless war, and provide good cover for cuts and lack of orogress on urgent, basic domestic issues.

    Shameful. No confidence.

    And Hilary Clinton is reason number one as to why that is. Anyone whi still somehow believes in her and the leadership responsible for massive, epic 1000 seat losses is not going to get any real consideration from Progressives.

    With me specifically?

    I care as much as you do, and frankly all I see is major keague butthurt snowflake who has no real idea what democracy actually is.

    More where thst came from. All day long buddy.

    All fucking day.

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