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    As Democrats continue to snipe at each other over purity tests and other crap most of the country doesn’t care about, Trump is having a field day filling the courts with ultra-conservative judges with lifetime appointments.

    This is why elections matter. Want Medicare for all? Good luck, courts will overturn. Want to end Citizens United? Nope, courts will overturn.

    The election of Trump has set liberals back 50 years. Just imagine the damage another 4 years of Trump will do.

    The California-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit was one of the most liberal in the country, allowing California a great deal of freedom on many hot-button political issues. But that is rapidly changing. At the start of Donald Trump’s term, Democratic-appointees on the Court had an 11-seat majority. Now that is down to three seats. That means that many of the three-judge panels that rule on cases will now have a majority of Republican appointees.

    In the past, when progressive groups wanted to challenge a federal policy, whether it was abortion, immigration, or workers’ rights, they would often file suit in California, knowing that the case would eventually go to the Ninth Circuit (and sometimes, but not always) to the U.S. Supreme Court. Those days may be over, now that Trump has filled the court with strong conservatives. But the other options for progressive groups are limited, as Trump has made enough appointments to give the First Circuit (in Boston) and the Third Circuit (in Philadelphia) majorities of Republican appointees. While the Senate has passed precious few laws, it has been operating as a well-oiled machine confirming nearly all of Trump’s nominations to the courts. Many of the nominees were proposed by conservative judicial groups, such as the Federalist Society, which vets them carefully to make sure they don’t pick anyone who might be a closet moderate once he or she gets on the bench.

    One difference between Democratic and Republican voters is that Republicans are much more attuned to the courts than Democrats and often vote for president based on the kinds of judges and justices they expect that person to nominate. Many Republican voters say they find Trump’s behavior disgusting, but justify their support for him by saying “but what about Gorsuch and Kavanaugh?” In other words, nominating judges they like makes up for a multitude of other sins.

    Compare that to the Democrats. How much time have the Democratic presidential candidates devoted to talking about their judicial philosophy and the kinds of judges and justices they would nominate if they win? Pretty close to zero. Has any candidate made the centerpiece of his or her campaign: “I will nominate judges and justices who will make their decisions based on the Constitution, rather than on partisan politics?” If so, we missed it. How much time has been devoted to the courts during the many hours the Democrats have been debating this year? Same answer.

    If the Democrats win the White House and the Senate, they might decide to fight back by expanding the courts and nominating much more ideological appointees, thus making the courts yet another political branch of the government. That will be much easier these days, given that most judicial filibusters are dead, and blue slips (which gave senators a veto over judges being appointed to serve in their home states) are a thing of the past. If a Democrat is elected president but the Republicans hold the Senate, the president is unlikely to get any judges or justices confirmed. If Trump is reelected and the Republicans get 50 or more seats in the Senate, the parade will continue.

    Andy Brown

    I concur on all of this but it should be noted that this abhorrent behavior is not really rooted in drumpf. The guy is too stupid to know anything about jurisprudence, the courts, judges, etc. This is all about the Republican party. drumpf is merely approving what the party hands him. He isn’t involved in the choosing and wouldn’t know crap about any of the choices if not for his aides handing him talking points at the right time.

    It is the consequence of his election victory, swindled as it may be, but in no way is it a conscious choice that drumpf is making. This is why so many of the scumbag right wing politicians in the Republican party are going to the mat for him. I think that regardless of who the Democrats nominate for president, the GOP ticket is going to take a big hit for the simple reason that drumpf has not gained support nor will he be able to draw in new voters. His “victory” was decided by a handful of voters in a few key states, most of which are polling very blue these days.


    Of course he is.

    Next time progressives call for Dem leadership to fight, perhaps actually seeing them fight would be a good thing.

    So far, the “resistance” is awful weak. What isn’t Trump getting? Last legislation actually funded his WALL! The fucking wall!

    We all know Trump will run on: FINISH THE WALL, and Dems helped to fund it.

    Can’t even complete impeachment proper. We are waiting to communicate the articles to the Senate why exactly?

    Like McConnell cares?

    Pelosi: We will communicate impeachment, but have conditions
    McConnell: LMAO, seriously? No deal. Next
    Pelosi: “But I am a master legislator!”
    McConnell: LMAO, no deal. Next.

    Three dimensional chess, or incompetence? News at 11

    Andy is right on. Trump isn’t anything special here. It’s the GOP, and they are flat out winning the basics day after day, and it’s been going on for quite some time.

    McConnell basically told Obama to fuck off on his appointments for the most part, and the party response?

    K, next time then.


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