Trump is done

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    Trump is toast. He’s an amateur that is in over his head and he walked right into the trap Comey set for him. LOL.

    Any GOP Rep on tape supporting Trump is now on notice for 2018.



    There is zero evidence of any collusion with Russia and the trump campaign. Sorry dems but this is a total witch hunt and complete wishful thinking for the democrats. Speculations and claims by the fake corporate media from networks like Fake News CNN is all they have, and CNN is as credible as the National Enquirer.

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    You’re just cranky because compared to Trump, Hillary is a paragon of virtue.





    I’m not sure what your point is?

    So the BBC presenter exposes this guy as a complete crackpot.

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    He can’t be gone fast enough. Just look at this absurd trip for next week. How bad can this go?

    Turkey today demanded a replacement of an envoy in the fight against ISIS. Erdogan was in DC two days ago, Trump didn’t bother to learn how to pronounce his name. During the visit Turkish security forces roughed up pro Kurdish protestors in DC. Turkey is a difficult ally but a critical member of NATO, who Trump called obsolete but now he’s going to a NATO meeting next week where reports are that they’ve watered (dumbed) down the agenda in light of Trump’s inability to focus. How much damage can mismanagement of a relationship do?

    Israel is fuming that the embassy might, might not move. Trump’s advance people insist that Trump be the first sitting president to visit the Western Wall, but they don’t understand the tie in to the Embassy (recognition of unilateral annexation of East Jerusalem) so they bumble into a meeting and tell the Israelis the Wall isn’t in Israel, so no thanks to Netanyahu coming along. Then because Trump won’t take the existing cable car to the top of Masada, and insists he has to land a Marine helicopter right on the top of a emotionally charged historical site, now the visit is off since he can’t do it his way. Not to mention his putting an Israeli spy in danger by the bragging to the Russians last week. Sure, a special relationship!

    Oh and he’ll meet the Pope. Do we really need a pussy grabbing serial adulterer representing the USA at the Vatican? What can go wrong?

    What a boob. What a failure. What a menace.

    Congress needs to start Judiciary hearings. Or the Cabinet needs to start Article 25.


    Andy Brown

    Hey dork, it’s not the collusion of his staff with the Russians that’s going to bring drumpf down.

    It’s trying to obstruct justice. The Comey memos are going to weigh powerfully against him. Also, just the fact that he fired Comey in an attempt to end the inquiry into the Russians influences during the election process is going to hurt him, too.

    Dance around it all you want dork, even a high schooler like yourself should easily understand why it is over for drumpf whom will go down in history as the worst President ever.

    All those that believed he wouldn’t make it through even one year of his term are probably going to be correct because once the heavy rocks start falling on drumpf he’ll throw his hands up and walk away. He’s just not wired for politics. He can’t run the country the way he runs his business and he’s unwilling and most likely unable to make the adjustments.

    But go ahead, tell us how it’s all a witch hunt again. We love it when you just copy party line crap and post it here (not).

    You and bacon should get together for drumpf’s political funeral, coming soon to a TV screen/computer screen near you.



    OMG, I forgot to include …

    General Flynn who was a security risk for being blackmailed by Russia until finally fired, who was a big shot in the Trump campaign was an undeclared, paid lobbyist for Turkey.

    And, this ties this insane overseas trip and the Turkish visit back to the Russia mess. It was the disclosure of information to the Russians that potentially endangers the Israeli source.

    Oh. And the air forces for the US, Russia, Israel, and elements of NATO including next door neighbor Turkey are all all operating in the air space above Syria where Russian ally Assad is committing war crimes with mass murder of civilians and we all bomb each other’s allies in the pretense we’re fighting against ISIS.

    What else did I forget?

    I never thought there could be a president worse than W. The only person today who could appreciate Trump is W as Trump makes him look like a brilliant statesman.

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    It’s equally fascinating and pathetic watching/listening to people ignore fact based reality.

    Literally, the only people claiming there’s “nothing” to any of this is Donald Trump himself and his most mindless supporters.


    Andy Brown

    Unfortunately, his ‘most mindless supporters’ is 9 out of 10 of them.


    We’ll see but I think Trump is being misunderestimated and the seriousness of his “crimes” exaggerated. It’s not “obstruction” to hope a good guy like Flynn gets a break. He won’t walk away, and there’s nothing here that warrants removal. Prediction: more egg on the faces of hopeful trump-hating democrats


    Andy Brown

    You need to brush up on 18 U.S.C. § 1503 (obstruction of justice), ace.

    Persons are charged under this statute based on allegations that a defendant intended to intefere with an official proceeding, by doing things such as destroying evidence, or intefering with the duties of jurors or court officers.

    § 1503 applies only to federal judicial proceedings. Under § 1505, however, a defendant can be convicted of obstruction of justice by obstructing a pending proceeding before Congress or a federal agency. A pending proceeding could include an informal investigation by an executive agency.

    You got this one wrong, Vern. Read the entire description at the link and remember, the investigation was known to drumpf, and the nexus between Comey and the investigation was clear and known to drumpf as well.

    Your prediction is 86’d. This is the beginning of the end of the drumpf presidency. Most of us here realize, though, that even after drumpf is disposed of in court (or resigns to avoid that), you will never believe any of his transgressions were serious. Like Herb and Nixon, you will cling to the short term POTUS for the rest of your life. He’s the loudmouth and bully you wanted. He got his shot. His own party is the one that just called for special counsel. His own party will be the ultimate force in getting rid of him. But as I said all along, he was never a Republican and couldn’t care less about the conservative agenda. Not before, not now, not ever. You cons got nothing out of this grand flop except getting a con SC judge to replace a dead con SC judge. It’s a wash. To make it even more stinging to you neanderthals, President Ryan will never get anything done because the longer this all drags on the better the chance the GOP loses the house. It’s not just me saying that and you know it. They may even lose the Senate.

    Where the problems really began was in the campaign where drumpf used hurtful, spiteful tactics to demean his GOP competitors. He made a lot of enemies in the GOP getting the nomination and behind the scenes these folks are gleeful over his downfall.



    Today’s a two-fer in the bombshell department. First, Trump tells the Russian ambassadors Comey is a “nut job” and a senior adviser close to Trump is a person of interest in the Russian/collusion story. More popcorn, please.



    As Ricky Ricardo would say, Trump you have got some splainin to do.



    Did anyone check if his is a one-way ticket?

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