Trump is dangerous in last 30 days

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    Andrew says “hard to know”. That is the post of the year. But at 3 days in that is hard to know.

    But true, hard to know where this goes from here. I expect Biden to fill out his first term. But hard to know.

    I think Harris may be the President after Biden. But hard to know.

    I would expect covid will be behind us by sometime in 2021. But hard to know.

    This is where I am right now, and I think this is where the country is right now. Hard to know.

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    Andy Brown

    What’s not hard to know:

    The next POTUS won’t be a racist egomaniacal narcissistic lunatic.

    What IS hard to know:

    Just how long before the stink of drumpf is no longer one of the odors coming out of the media. I do believe that he will try and keep himself on page 1 as long as he can.

    What’s not hard to guess:

    Yes, Andrew, he most definitely will be indicted in N.Y. How that goes IS hard to know. My bet is that there is a lot of litigation about to be filed immediately after the inauguration that is probably all but written up and ready to go.

    My money is that drumpf fades fast under the weight of the law. Watch him chew through all that lemming money he’s collecting now and not spending on his “fight” to overturn the election and kill democracy. “The laws might sleep but they never die.”

    drumpfilthinskin was, in reality, late to the world autocracy party. Autocrats are slowly losing their grip worldwide. Too slow for most of us.

    “Autocratic leaders rarely solve the problems that they cite to justify their rise to power, but they do create their own legacy of abuse. At home, the unaccountable government that they lead becomes prone to repression, corruption, and mismanagement. Some claim that autocrats are better at getting things done, but as they prioritize perpetuating their own power, the human cost can be enormous . . . ”


    Trump is just a symptom.

    The disease is the GOP led by McConnell, and the voters who still support candidates and process that subvert the basic laws and norms of this country.

    Until there is a reckoning and house cleaning in the GOP, the danger remains.



    Right, Ed, until voters start punishing the Republicans for their actions instead of re-electing them, Republicans like McConnell have no incentive to change.

    Master of Disaster

    …the voters who still support candidates and process that subvert the basic laws and norms of this country.

    This all the way.

    The Master of Disaster didn’t vote for Biden thinking candy and nuts will mysteriously begin falling from the sky on Inauguration day, or expecting any personal benefit at all really.

    Before anyone says ‘screw you Master of Disaster, people like you are why we had four years of Trump in the first place…’, the Master of Disaster long since performed some basic fact-checking and determined the reason we had Trump was—himself. In 2016 there were far more third-party votes for conservative third-parties than liberal third-parties and those conservative third-party votes were in states that matter to conservatives, Utah being a prime example.

    But looking towards the future, at least we have a president-elect that had the ability to understand changes in their personal conduct are/were necessary; now perhaps the country can move on to identifying and stopping sexist, racist, xenophobic, anti-LGBT, ableist, etc., behavior within the common population.


    What is it with Trump and phone calls? One phone call gets him impeached, another one…well, as the thread has made clear…hard to know.


    “What is it with Trump and phone calls?”

    That’s a really good question. Is Trump so dumb that he didn’t factor in the possibility the other party would record the call and that it would leak? Anybody taking a phone call from Trump would be crazy not to record it for obvious reasons.

    Or is Trump so much smarter than us that this is all part of a master plan that we’re just too dumb to comprehend?

    Either this is how they WANTED it to play, or the man and his team are utter morons.


    I don’t buy into this idea that Trump is smarter than anyone. He has a gut instinct for how certain voters will respond to racist and nationalist appeals. But he is terrible at politics as he has demonstrated over and over again. I have no doubt that there is no “strategy” with this phone call. It is exactly what it looks like: just yet another attempt to bully someone into overturning the election for him. He still hasn’t given up.

    Honestly, given how incredibly close the 2020 election was, Trump should have won. He was so “smart” that he made a lot of dumb mistakes that in retrospect might have cost him the election. E.g. his terrible 1st debate performance. Or not toning things down the final month of the election (like he did in 2016) and at least pretending to care about Covid. If he hadn’t held that stupid, dangerous White House event for Amy Comey Barrett, he probably wouldn’t have gotten Covid, and that alone may have cost him the election.

    Jeffrey Kopp

    I read he is going to escape to Scotland:

    Plane Sightings Fuel Rumors Trump Planning Escape to Scotland on Day Before Biden Inauguration

    Prestwick airport has reportedly been told to expect the arrival of a U.S. Boeing 757 aircraft, one that has been used by Trump before, on Jan. 19.


    Scotland is investigating him too – he might not be safe there…


    Looks like its back to plan B. Scotland says no to the non-essential individual 1.

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