Trump has Covid-19

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    So if 140M out of 320M have been infected YTD, aren’t we unfortunately on the way to herd immunity?

    I don’t believe that herd immunity is the way to go by the way. I’ll be first in line for the V but I think I’ll be waiting a while as I’m nowhere near the first in line candidates.

    A friend of mine tested positive the other day. He’s been flying back and forth from PDX to PHX and otherwise poo pooing the rules. He got tested due to having to have some sort of unrelated medical procedure done. Total surprise to him as he’s got no symptoms at all and would probably have never known unless the test for his medical procedure.

    How many people are like him? That’s the scary part.


    Yeah, people like your friend (asymptomatic) are the big reason Covid has spread so thoroughly. People are used to avoiding sick people with symptoms. Some just can’t wrap their minds around the idea that people with no symptoms might be infected and contagious.

    I wonder if your friend infected anyone on one of his flights? (Or whether he caught it on one?)

    Actually, all the experts support the idea of “herd immunity.” But most experts want to use the vaccines to get us there (so Covid will stop spreading in the community, because enough people are immune i.e. the “herd” is immune) vs. just infecting everyone and seeing another 300K people die. I’ve read that we need to have around 75% of people with immunity to reach that herd immunity target. If we have 140M already infected out of 320M, that’s only 44%


    Andrew, the best part of your post is “how we get there” which is absolutely correct.

    Polio is still out there even after decades of vaccination. Folks who choose not to vaccinate have developed new cases.

    Being vaccinated means that your body is prepped to fight the infection which eventually all of us will get. With the vaccine, our immune systems will fight off the virus and we may or may not be aware we had an infection. Without the vaccine, we risk serious disease or death.

    Ten years from now the virus will still be out there and folks will still need the jab. We’ll find out how long it lasts, is it like MMR which is done as a child and that’s it or is it like the regular flu shot which has to be repeated?

    Herd immunity helps slow but does not stop the virus, it will still live on, just like polio still exists. Thank goodness Ebola is still mostly confined to small areas of Africa and hasn’t spread to the first world, we’d be seeing average mortality rates of 50%.


    Andy Brown

    Trump is like a slowly sinking cruise ship with not enough lifeboats.


    RIP congressman-elect Letlow.


    Wait. I thought this was a Democratic hoax? No different than the flu?


    You know doctors get paid a $2000 bonus for diagnosing COVID as the cause of death. Trump said so himself.


    Former teenage boys everywhere of the 60s-70s are undoubtedly saddened to hear Dawn Wells died of covid-related issues today.


    It makes me want to cry. 🙁

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