Trump has Covid-19

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    Deane Johnson

    You’re stretching a bit there. Any POTUS following those points as a guidline would end up the same way Trump is, on the way out.

    And, if these things are indeed a bad precedent, they’re already in place from the first 4 years in office. No need to worry about a second term. Go Donald!


    Deane doesn’t like her because she’s a woman of color, is highly educated, and quite accomplished.

    If she was a liberal freak, idiots like KSKD would love her. But idiots like KSKD think Kamala is NOT liberal enough.

    Master of Disaster

    In 100% honesty, the Master of Disaster learned more of Mrs. Harris’ bona fide accomplishments from her opponents on both sides than anyone else.

    Oh, and the ballot of the Master of Disaster containing a vote for Biden/Harris has already been confirmed as received at the elections office.


    “Actually RadioGeek, I’m pretty much a middle of the road moderate.”

    Well that’s been shredded.

    Every German of my father’s generation whom I’ve met and done business with face to face has told me they fought on the Eastern Front.




    Come on down 5 close aides to Pence!

    The carelessness shown by these people is just off the charts.

    And, cases are as bad as the previous peak.



    Mark Meadows: “We are not going to control the pandemic.”

    There are several ways to interpret that.

    1. We’re are not trying and have never tried to control the pandemic.

    2. We acknowledge that no matter what we do we can’t control the pandemic so we give up.

    3. We are not going to waste our time trying to control a fake pandemic.

    4. We like the overall consequences of the pandemic so why would we try to control it?


    He also said that Pence was essential personnel, so he would continue to campaign. I’m sure that makes sense, in some odd republican way.


    I know what an essential employee is. Campaigning is not essential.

    Andy Brown

    Mark Meadows is a yutz (useless).


    Mark Meadows, come on down!

    Ben Carson, come on down!

    Oh the irony!


    I heard this morning that Ben Carson has COVID now too. He is 69. Again, no mask, no social distancing….


    Masks are now mandatory in Utah, curiously, a state easily won by Trump!


    It’s astounding that it’s taken this long for states to impose mask mandates. I was relieved when Oregon finally did…in July! I wondered then what took Oregon so long.

    The excuse usually given by Republican officials for their reluctance to impose a mask mandate is that is unenforceable. This is beside the point. The cops don’t have to go out and enforce mask mandates. But public places of business like grocery stores can’t easily impose them without a government mandate. A few stores like Costco and New Seasons in Oregon did so before Oregon’s mandate, but other stores did not; once the mandate was officially imposed, those stores could just post the “government mandate” notice on their doors. Not until that point did almost everyone here in stores like Safeway and Fred Meyer begin wearing them.

    I feel safe going into a grocery store now – I can’t imagine having to shop in stores elsewhere where half of the people aren’t wearing masks – I’d be terrified.


    David Bossie, come on down!

    David Bossie, who only days ago was tapped to handle President Donald Trump’s effort to challenge the results of the presidential election, has tested positive for the coronavirus.


    As a part-time worker for New Seasons, the company jumped on safety protocols right out of the gate. Even when things were changing hour by hour early on, New Seasons was all about safety for us employees and customers. They upped their health care benefits for anyone who comes down with COVID covering all costs. If anyone needs to quarrantine, you’re paid for your time off and you don’t lose any PTO hours.

    Every day I work, I constantly hear from customers how appreciative they are of New Seasons protocol and how we took this seriously. With the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, our protocols will remain the same. In my store location, no more than 40 customers at a time. Encouraging our customers to pre-order and pre-pay online, so all they have to do is either store pickup outside or we suggest Instacart deliveries.

    Even with all the good protocol we have in our stores, it’s amazing how many folks can’t figure out how to actually wear a mask or the excuses they give us about how they are wearing a mask. You can’t even come into our store with just a face shield, you need a mask. It’s so simple and easy.

    I wear a mask all day at work. I’ve gotten used to it. My wife has made us a mask for each day of the week using CDC and other healthcare guidelines. For some, mask wearing has become the new hip accessory.

    I don’t wish COVID on anyone, especially if you’re an older adult. But you must take the appropriate measures…wear a damn mask.

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