Trump For Prison?

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    Could Trump end up serving prison time? According to Canadian writer Malcolm Gladwell, the answer is YES:


    I find it unlikely for a host of reasons, but at the least Donald Trump (and/or his attorneys) certainly have their plates full over the next several months.

    Andy Brown

    Sorry, people only go to prison for financial fraud in this country if the party defrauded is the government. Everyone else gets to declare bankruptcy and start over again.

    Lying while running for office is protected by the US Constitution.

    Trump won’t see jail unless the charges of rape on the 13 year old girl get traction, and then he’d weasel out of it somehow.


    Trump won’t see jail unless the charges of rape on the 13 year old girl get traction, and then he’d weasel out of it somehow.

    Perhaps he could go into the priesthood.



    Maybe if it were a thirteen year old boy?

    While I generally find all religious institutions regardless of their particular denomination or ideology to be equally worthless, I kind of like Pope Francis on a personal and biographical level.

    Yes, he presides over a hypocrisy riddled and morally compromised organization still mired in abject Medievalism, (hardly unique among organized religion) but at the very least he seems to try and walk the walk as well as talk the talk. I admire his background and path to the Vatican, as well as his (very likely doomed to failure) efforts to reform the Roman Catholic Church.

    It’s also nice to see and hear (for a change) someone overtly religious challenge Donald Trump’s worthiness for higher office on a purely moral level. Trump is an odious toad whose words and actions are routinely about as “un-Christian” and in opposition to the teachings of Jesus Christ as can be imagined. That’s clearly not a problem for the good “Christian” folk of the far right. Pope Francis, on the other hand, has previously spoken out against Donald Trump and on Monday he did so again. Quoting from the article:

    Pope Francis delivered a powerful message Saturday in which he warned against “social walls” and “false prophets” fueling fear and intolerance in politics.

    While the Pope made no mention of Donald Trump, his comments at the Vatican have been widely seen as a thinly veiled stab at the Republican presidential candidate, whose proposal to build a wall between the United States and Mexico has been a centerpiece of his campaign.

    Donald Trump has claimed, without evidence, that hundreds of millions of people could enter the United States under a Hillary Clinton presidency.

    “No tyranny finds support without tapping into our fears,” Francis said. “This is key. Hence, all tyranny is terrorist. And when this terror — which was sown in the peripheries, with the massacres, looting, oppression and injustice — explodes in centers with different forms of violence, even hateful and cowardly attacks, citizens who still retain some rights are tempted to the false security of physical or social walls.

    “Walls that enclose some and banish others. Walled citizens, terrified on one side, excluded, exiled, and still more terrified on the other. Is that the life that our Father God wants for their children?

    “Dear brothers and sisters — all walls fall. All of them. Do not be fooled.”

    Here’s the full link:

    In other, Trump and his supporters are bunch of angry, ignorant, bullying, twats news, Trump had a disabled boy and his mother evicted from a rally on Saturday. Their crime? Daring to show up in protest of Trump having previously mocked a disabled reporter. The crowd kicked the boy’s wheelchair, drowned out their voices by chanting “USA, USA, USA”, (These ignorant mouth breathers have no idea a typical Trump rally looks and sounds like the propaganda films of Leni Riefenstahl glorifying The Third Reich) while Trump ordered his security to have them removed.

    A day later, the boy got to meet President Obama.

    That’s all, of course, after Trump spent the weekend lying about President Obama having yelled at a Trump protester at a rally, (video evidence shows exactly, 100% the opposite occurred.) and continuing to claim that the election is rigged.

    What a douche canoe.



    Lurking, you come up with some of the best lines. Douche Canoe…classic.


    Few Politicians end up in jail. They seem to get out of most charges with high profile attorneys. With the banking industry that cause the mess in 2008. How many went to jail? They got their big bonuses and got away with it all. I am sure “The Donald” will be in court, but jail time? I doubt it. The Bridgegate mess, The Governor I doubt will even be touched. The Good Ol’ Boys network…


    Chris Christie’s political career is over. He’ll be lucky to finish his current term in NJ without facing impeachment.

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