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    Trump can’t directly fire Mueller, but he can order the assistant attorney general who hasn’t recused himself to fire Mueller. And if that person refuses…fire him and get the next person to do it. If you don’t think the president can fire someone who works in the Justice Department, google for “Saturday Night Massacre.”

    Trump is constrained from firing Mueller by Republicans in the Senate, not “Democrat lawyers.”

    You’re right – I meant Justice Department, not FBI. Same point. The Justice Department is part of the executive branch, with oversight from Congress. Democrats don’t have almost any say in it at the moment, other than the occasional vote by Democrats to break a filibuster. If Republicans in Congress would not raise a fuss, Trump would have fire Mueller tomorrow.

    Andy Brown

    According to drumpf (on 8/3/16, 9/17/16, 9/9/16, 10/15/16, 10/20/16, 10/21/16, 10/25/16, 10/30/16, 11/1/16, 11/2/16, 11/3/16, 11/4/16, 11/5/16)
    “Anyone being investigated by the FBI is not qualified to be POTUS.”

    So, although drumpf can in essence remove Mueller from the investigation, what utter hypocrisy it will be for him to remain in office now, in the near future, or ever.

    It’s not a question that the GOP string pullers are allowing all this to happen but it is a reflection on the state of their party. The schism in the Republicans between the brainless nationalist power mongers and the gutless mainstream old guard conservatives is entertaining and I would love to see more of it if it were not the main problem with our government right now. What are they going to say and do when they fail to push through their tax swindle to make the wealthiest people even richer?


    I remember the “Saturday Night Massacre”. Beginning of End for Nixon.
    In 1979, Congress passed and President Carter signed legislation giving a “Special Prosecutor” broad powers and little supervision. Congress then has assignment and approval powers. IN 1999, Congress passed and President Clinton signed reform legislation giving a “Special Counsel” less time and ad hoc authority. Recall, President Clinton suffered four Special Prosecutors.
    Under current law “the attorney general has the authority to fire the special counsel but only for “misconduct, dereliction of duty, incapacity, conflict of interest, or for other good cause, including violation of Departmental policies.”
    Where is the probable cause for dismissal? Ask your cat.


    “Other good cause” is whatever they say it is. Easy to make an excuse: he was going beyond the scope of the investigation; he was abusing his power. Whatever. As I said, the Justice Department is controlled by Republicans and so is Congress. If Republican leaders in Congress didn’t disapprove, Trump would already have gotten rid of Mueller. Easy to find an excuse. Republicans in Congress are the ONLY reason he can’t do it so easily.

    My cat concurs.


    I take it you didn’t read the CFR. Special Counsel investigations have no bounds other than where the facts lead them. Obviously, not back to Russia but to the Ukraine. Obviously, Trump is not Obama. He failed to enforce law his administration dislikes (selective enforcement) or made up law (executive orders). I’m sure Donald discussed with his staff, “How do we get rid of this guy?”. Better heads including present and former (Sessions) Republican Senators, prevailed.
    Rule of Law rather than emotional and hormoanal expectations and feelings. Wow, what a concept! Expect the next eight years to be much different than the last eight.


    So you’re admitting that what you said earlier about “Democrat lawyers” working for Mueller trying to get Trump is all BS, right? That’s all I was getting at.


    No way, Jose.
    All 13 Deputy Counsels have campaign contributions (some very sizable) to, appeared with and are register to vote as Democrats. 3 of the 13 worked within or for the Hillary Clinton campaign. Some play dirty especially the Boys of New York.
    Special Counsel Mueller served as President Obama’s first FBI Director after serving President Bush the Lesser for eight years. He does not write checks for nor parties with politico elites. I guess this makes Bob a Republican.


    The reason for that is obvious.

    The pool of honest lawyers that are Republicans is much smaller than that for Democrats.

    And Robert Mueller is absolutely one of those rare honest Republicans.

    As is James Comey.
    (AKA Reinhold Niebuhr>


    Yup. Except Jimmy isn’t a Republican.
    Sympathy for Jim. All he did was write a note to a House sub-committee chairperson (a Republican) that the Clinton server scandal (“What do you mean? Wipe it with a cloth?”) was re-investigated because Hillary’s BFF forwarded her d-mails to Uma’s husband, NYC Democrat and former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s home computer. {Nope, I won’t post that picture of him and his son. Nope. not going to do it.) By law, Jim had to. But the note leaked. Hillary blathered and obfuscated (“Deny. Deny. Deny.”) No wonder the Russians and others knew what the President was going to do before he knew what to do.
    Respect for Jim, too. A new President shouldn’t mess with an FBI Director. As J. Edgar Hoover is alleged to have said, “I know where the bodies are Buried”. His meticulous notes and Senate testimony insured the momentum for the Special Counsel investigation.


    Er, yeah, Mueller, served as director of the FBI for Obama’s last two years. That’s because FBI directors have ten year terms. Obama had nothing to do with appointing him; George W. Bush appointed him. Gee, why would you try to give the impression that Mueller was an acolyte of Obama instead of just being honest about it?

    It should not be a requirement to work on a criminal investigation that one be a registered Republican. Instead, the requirement should be that the are the best qualified for the job. Being registered as a Democrat doesn’t mean these guys are going to be biased one way or another – it doesn’t make them “Democrat lawyers” as if they were somehow working for the Democratic party.

    Mueller ultimately has the final say over anything they produce. We should have little doubt that he would dismiss anyone who acted in a partisan or unfair way. Only partisan Republicans would think otherwise.


    Gee, why would you try to give the impression that Mueller was an acolyte of Obama instead of just being honest about it?
    Golly I don’t. You do.
    it doesn’t make them “Democrat lawyers” as if they were somehow working for the Democratic party.
    Yes. It does. Provides a level of protection for the Clinton camp.
    We should have little doubt that he would dismiss anyone who acted in a partisan or unfair way.
    In a perfect world. But, this is Washington D.C. I am impressed with the interim Federal Judge, a Democrat and Obama appointee. At least in the preliminary hearing stage.

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