Trump disrespects Federal Judge

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    OK, I’m done commenting on this buffoon. His words are enough.


    I think we have a permanent meme here: “so-called President”. It’ll be like nails on the chalkboard to Trump. If we keep it up he’ll be tearing what’s left of his hair out by March.


    Good for Trump.

    I hope this so-called judge is soon put in his place and his legislation from the bench is reversed.


    Buffoon indeed.

    If I’m correct, this judge was appointed by former WPE George W Bush and approved by the Senate 99-0.



    Why should a President of the United States call in question a federal judge? You seem to have no respect for our government. If you respect our government then you should respect all branches. Apparently you do not. Which makes you a martyr.


    The President personally attacking a widely respected member of the judiciary; one appointed by George W Bush no less.

    At best, it’s highly inappropriate and attacks the checks and balances outlined in the U.S. Constitution.

    At worst, it’s a directly authoritarian move designed to willfully undermine confidence in that branch of government; the one expressly designed to hold everyone accountable to the law. Up to and including The President.

    Bacon, you already have zero credibility here and are widely reviled as a lying and hypocritical hack, but congratulations: you’ve found a new bottom.

    You only support Democratic norms when they happen to align with your personal opinion. Which is, wait for it, by definition unAmerican. You are beneath contempt.

    Keep on representin’ that moral high ground there, slick.


    It appears this judge while appointed by GWB was selected at the deference of Patty Murry. Apparently back in the day when Republicans thought throwing a few bones to the opposition would gain them something.


    A 99-0 Senate approval doesn’t seem to be a particularly partisan vote.

    It’s also completely beside the point. I’m sorry for bringing up whom appointed the judge at all. It was merely to underscore the absurdity of Trump’s tantrum and the unwillingness of (most, but not all) Republicans to point out how incredibly inappropriate and irresponsible Trump’s words are.

    You know for damn certain if a Democratic politician said anything remotely that crazy The Republicans and their Pravda-like media would be howling. And in this particular instance, deservedly so.

    Undermining the judiciary in this manner is, literally, dangerous to The Republic. No-one is above the law. There are dozens of ways to contest a court decision that do not involve personally attacking a Federal judge or implying they are somehow not obeying the law themselves. It’s undermining our Constitutional checks and balances.

    Trump’s words have more in common with those of third world dictators than any past Presidents of The United States. For that matter, can you imagine the outrage if President Obama morally equated Vladimir Putin’s Russian with The United States? Trump did. And again, with a few notable exceptions, Republicans and their attendant media are completely silent.

    Republicans used to, correctly, treat Russian with a great deal of skepticism and scrutiny. Then, Trump came along. Now they think the murdering, lying, autocratic thug who has been ruling Russia for two decades via rigged elections in a state devoid of freedom of the press (where both members of the press and political opponents often wind up missing or dead) is somehow a great role model.

    Liars and hypocrites; more beholden to party identity and the cult of personality of Twitler than the common good and often driven by equal parts ignorance and hate. History is not going to judge any of them kindly.


    Seattle judge who blocked Trump’s travel ban was known as conservative jurist.

    Andy Brown

    “I hope this so-called judge is soon put in his place and his legislation from the bench is reversed.”

    drumpf’s exact words reposted by bacon.

    God, Vern, are you that incapable that you need to copy and paste drumpf’s words to answer every question here? That’s not making your contribution part of the discussion, it’s just restating statements we’ve already heard and if you want to use it for ‘effect’ you need to quote it. Otherwise we continue to see your presence here as worthless.


    proud2beaso-calledconservative loves him some Trump.


    Trump will be leading us into our first Constitutional Crisis since Watergate.

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