Trump demands apology from actors

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    “This is what assfuckers like Pope Bigot want. If you’re not white, male, and Christian, you need to step back and accept your place as a second class citizen.

    Kudos for Americans exercising their first amendment rights and a huge fail for President Elect Chump to be drawn into another social media war.”

    Interesting and ironic comments from a man who complained about “bullying” and “bigotry.” Also and not surprisingly, the intent of what I posted was thoroughly distorted.

    It’s not the place of an actor to preach a political message to someone who pays to attend his play. Period. It would not be my place to preach to Obama in a similar circumstance. In spite of my differences with his policies, if I felt I needed to speak, it would have been along the lines of “Thank You Mr. President, it’s a privilege and an honor, etc.”

    I wouldn’t stand on a chair in a restaurant and preach a sermon to the other diners. It’s not my place to do that, in spite of “free speech.” It’s just plain common sense that people are there to eat and to be with friends and family and not be preached to. They can go to church for that.

    BTW, here’s a couple of interesting tweets from the haughty actor who thought he needed to school the VP:

    “St. Patty’s day weekend is like Christmas for black dudes who like white chicks. Happy holidays boys.”

    ” 4 every racist comment I get about Trayvon Im going 2 turn 1 white married suburban housewife & mother n2 a jump off” The. Best.”

    I’ll leave it up to his free-speech supporters to sort those out…

    Maybe it’s that Trump’s detractors are making such a big deal about a tweet instead of focusing on the work he is doing in assembling his team. They could just as easily ignore the tweet as they expect Trump to ignore the dissing of the VP.

    Mike Pence was very classy about everything. He even recommended that others see the show. Does Pence get any praise for being gracious and vice-presidential in the face of that cringe-worthy confrontation?


    Pence is a classy peice of shit.


    No Pence is classy compared to Trump.


    After hearing Brandon Victor Dixon (the actor selected to deliver the message from the producers, the director and the other actors) on CBS This Morning, he clearly had direction from his supervisor and employer to make the statement. This could have been an issue of “free speech” if that was not the case but with this direction from his employer, he was delivering the lines that were provided to him — of course, they were made more convincing by his belief in the message.

    Was this the appropriate forum? Since he was given that direction to deliver that message, it appears to have been appropriate.

    If the actor was breaking the “fourth-wall” to address a member of the audience without support of the producer and director then it would not be appropriate.

    When I was on staff at Clark County, I once had a pharmacist at Albertsons “call me out” over an issue with a development review (he was part of the developer team) while I was in the store shopping. I took it all in stride even though it was highly inappropriate — I didn’t complain about it — he was entitled to his opinion and to complain about it would make it a bigger issue than what it was worth. He only diminished himself by doing it.

    Pence’s response on Face the Nation was the best — I wasn’t bothered — it put the whole issue in perspective (versus President-elect Trump’s twitter explosion).


    Exactly. This is why Pence is so much better than Trump. Yes he is a conservative but at least he has a sensible mind.


    I don’t agree with that characterization, Paul.

    He (VP elect Pence) has a rabidly anti LGBTQ agenda and has exhibited irrational homophobia throughout his public career.

    • As President of the Indiana Review Foundation, he oversaw publication of a missive entitled “Military necessity and homosexuality” which cited bake studies and conspiracy theories to justify keeping LGBT people from serving in the armed forces.
    • Pence endorsed and pursued Indiana’s religious protection laws; which of course are simply. Thinly disguised attacks upon LGBT equal rights. The resultant fallout from that policy ended up costing the state of Indiana tens of millions of dollars as companies ranging from Sales Force, to Yelp, to Apple announced plans to reduce investments in the state or leave it entirely.
    • In the past, he wrote about how disgusted he was that The Republican Party allowed HIV positive people to speak at their 1996 convention. Later, when an HIV outbreak rocked Scott County in Indiana he failed to make a public statement or take action on the matter for 65 days. Finally, due to public outrage and political pressure he was forced to declare a public health emergency.
    • He’s been a vocal proponent of the inhumane, unethical, and completely scientifically debunked “conversion therapy” which he claims can “cure” someone of being gay.

    He’s also deep in the pockets of the Koch Brothers and tightly entwined with the decisions lobbied for by big business at the expense of everyone else, had a provably terrible record of governance in Indiana, (including anemic job growth, reduced wages, etc.) is a proponent of the entirely debunked “trickle down” theory of macroeconomics, and in seemingly every way places his own personal ideology over empirical fact or critical dissent.

    Oh, but he seems like a nice guy, is often polite, and is generally well spoken. So, everything’s good?

    By any reasonable measure, Mike Pence is an extremist possessed of rigid thinking. His record is both alarming and uninspiring. It’s only in comparison to Donald Trump that he looks “reasonable”.

    We have entered Lunatic World: The media, and for that matter the everyday n’ average citizen, seems incapable of directly and cogently and factually labeling people for what they are.

    Sidebar: Isn’t it wonderful how Nazi’s and White Supremacists are now being helpfully rebranded “the alt right” by the media? Oh, this is just peachy. I’m sure there’s nothing at all to be alarmed at. Everything’s fine. It’s not as if any student of history could point out the terrifying parallels that we’re currently seeing unspool in real time. Have a great day. Sleep well, America.


    Lurking, you are right. My description of Pence was clumsy. What I meant to say was “he’s more stable”, not “sensible”.

    Andy Brown

    Pence is pure evil.
    drumpf is pure greed.

    There is nobody at the top that gives a fuck about regular folk and the hardships and challenges they face daily.


    I will happily vote for Pence in 2024 if he runs, but I know it’s hard for one party to hold onto the presidency for three terms.

    He’s against the injustice of abortion so that’s a huge plus for Christians and anyone who cares about unborn life of all colors and sexual orientations.

    Regarding homosexuality, apparently and not surprisingly his views about conversion therapy have been grossly distorted:

    Accusations have been leveled at Pence for supporting conversion, or electroshock, therapy as a means of changing a person’s sexual orientation, though he has never explicitly said that. The allegations likely come from Pence’s statements when he was running for Congress in 2000. During that time, his campaign website stated that Congress should only support a law providing funding for HIV/AIDS treatment “after completion of an audit to ensure that federal dollars were no longer being given to organizations that celebrate and encourage the types of behaviors that facilitate the spreading of the HIV virus. Resources should be directed toward those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior.”


    Trump is an Internet troll. I think that this puts his Internet activity into perspective.

    Over 15 years ago (before Twitter even existed) there were predictions that one day, Internet forums would allow the public to find out what was going on in companies and other institutions from the perspective of insiders. In the corporate world, senior management teams and PR professionals have fought successfully to prevent this from happening. I would never have guessed that the first place where this would happen was at the top level of the US government.


    Pence will probably not launch nukes but when it comes to creating chaos in people’s lives for selfish reasons, Pence out trumps Trump. I rather not see Trump impeached but rather, see him spend the next 4 years explaining why 9 percent unemployment and $5/gal gas is “great.”

    Andy Brown

    Bacon is just ignorant and continues to rely on calling all the facts that he doesn’t like as ‘distorted’ and part of a ‘smear campaign.’

    Facts like these bacon boy:

    1. Pence believes that homosexuality is a sin and homosexuals should have to go through conversion therapy. There is no distortion there, ace.

    2. Pence does not believe in abortion.

    He believes that rape victims should have their attacker’s children and he also believes that if it were between life or death a woman should die before having an emergency abortion. Pence also believes it should be the law that women who had miscarriages should have to pay for funeral services for the fetuses.

    Clearly Pence like bacon has his head up his ass on this one.

    3. In his state, he made it LEGAL for businesses to discriminate against gay customers. So much for Constitutional law. There is nothing in the Constitution that supports applying religious freedom to doing business with the public. What an idiot.

    4. Pence believes that smoking does not kill! Literally!

    Despite the real facts and evidence that smoking kills, Pence believes it does not kill you. He even went so far as to write about it on his website back in 2000. Mike Pence literally said, “Despite the hysteria from the political class and the media, smoking doesn’t kill. In fact, 2 out of every 3 smokers do not contract lung cancer”. Now imagine trying to get him to him on board with climate change…

    5. When he drastically cut the budget for planned parenthood in his state of Indiana, he helped facilitate an HIV outbreak there.

    Pence is one of the leaders against this War on Planned Parenthood. A mission that he took from Congress straight to the state he governs, Indiana. He cut funding down to approximately $1.9 million total leaving smaller clinics in smaller towns with no choice but too close. As a result, those towns experienced an HIV epidemic. The planned parenthoods that he closed did not even perform abortions but they did perform tens of thousands of HIV testing and prevention methods. With these resources gone… the towns were left without a defense for HIV.

    Pence is evil and scary. Combined with Trump the results could be terrifying. I do not care how eloquently Pence speaks…his track record speaks volumes.

    No, bacon, it is not just ‘smearing’ or ‘distorting’ what Pence has said, it is about what he’s already done and plans to do.

    Wake up you dolt.

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