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    Andy Brown

    President-elect Donald J. Trump, who campaigned against the corrupt power of special interests, is filling his transition team with some of the very sort of people who he has complained have too much clout in Washington: corporate consultants and lobbyists.

    The rest of the folks around him include many D.C. Republican insiders.

    And Chris Christie has already been told ‘you’re fired’ as head of the Trump transition team and been replaced with Satan’s own son, Mike Pence.

    So while TD rewrites his agenda into a more palatable form (on the surface at least) for his constituency it appears to be incongruous with the conservative agenda. I believe Trump is going to be a big spender and a big tax cutter. Sound familiar? Wasn’t the Great Recession lesson enough for the Stupid Party?

    Then some foreign leader is going to piss off TD and we will be waist deep in a new war.

    Not to mention the numerous lawsuits that will be a constant distraction from doing the job of President.

    It all starts soon at a main street near you. No wait, it’s already started.


    I’ll tell ya, Trump is a political junkie’s bucket of icecream.

    After Trump leaves office, politics will be akin to watching grass grow.


    What does Mike Pence have to do with this?

    He’s the Vice President, THANKS BE TO G-D.


    Everything. The guy is pure evil.


    Of course there are lobbyiests. That’s not gonna change until we get some real reforms in place, or we elect people funded by people.

    Likely both are needed.

    Of course, those of us on both the progressive and Sanders paths are aware and continuing to work on this.

    It’s a raw fight now on that front. I suspect we will see more than the usual tepid attention being given to mid term elections.

    Andy Brown

    As of this moment, the mid terms will be more bad news for Democrats. That is to say if the midterms were held tomorrow, the Democrats would be lucky to come out no worse off then they already are. They have to defend a lot of seats in both houses in 2018. Although TD edged out Clinton in electoral votes, the popular vote for TD failed to be in the majority but there was enough of a Republican turnout to minimize the down ticket ripple effect. As a result, Democrats made only small gains in the Senate and House.

    There are many factors that will influence the next midterm election. To what extent TD changes healthcare is a big one. He’s backed away from the Paul Ryan ‘get rid of it first’ and then formulate a replacement strategy. TD now says he’ll keep some pieces of it and nobody will lose coverage overnight, but until that plays out it’s anybody’s guess. However, if people find themselves without health care coverage when the ACA had given it to them, they will certainly factor that in to supporting GOP Senators and Congress representatives in ’18.

    This same analysis must also be applied to all the other social stands TD has made, but the one that is going to hit the hardest with white middle America, his most critical constituency piece, is the pocketbook. As it stands the Trump plans do not budget out and more than one reputable analysis claims the country could not avoid a huge economic downturn. Here’s where TD may run into some big problems. If you don’t fund new spending on infrastructure with new revenue, and instead you fund it by robbing social programs like Medicare and Social Security like Satan’s other son Paul Ryan wants to do, then all white middle America gets out of it is less retirement funds, more expensive health care and no jobs. You see, the one factor that nobody talks about is that the infrastructure of this country is bound and tied to metropolitan areas. Sure, there is an interstate highway or two even in the corn belt and even more in the rust belt, but ultimately the infrastructure that is crumbling is located in, around and near the cities and rebuilding that does nothing for a large part of TD’s constituency.

    This isn’t complicated so don’t make it so. You see, I doubt TD knows how much a gallon of milk is or a gallon of gas. He may say he’s gotten better in touch with his voters, but on the campaign trail there is nothing but distractions and face it, no politician running nothing but big rallies in stadiums is really connecting with the masses.

    Meanwhile, Mike Pence, one of the most evil characters in the mix, is going to be at odds with a lot of what TD wants to do. I’d be willing to venture a guess (not a bet, just a guess) that when TD announces his second term choice for VP, it won’t be Pence. I expect the Trump/Pence paradigm to be a constant side show. Trump is not a conservative and has a life long up to this point pro choice position. Trump wants to spend money on fueling economic growth, and those all add up to locking horns with the conservatives in the GOP of which Pence is one. Pence is a faux-charming despicable character whose main aim is to inject his religious beliefs into government policy and that is going to make life miserable for TD if he tries to aim policy down the middle. I didn’t expect TD to win the election so I previously did not examine Pence all that closely but last night I spent some time on that chore and discovered that he’s true vermin. In a lot of ways, TD is now going to have to learn a lot of background on why policy is the way it is (in a non partisan sense) and because TD is a deal maker, someone like Pence is just going to get in the way. TD’s already strained relationship with Ryan and McConjob also bodes poorly for progress and progressives. The Democrats, if they find their id, may be able to balance out the GOP and conservatives tugging TD to the right and keep him centered. We just don’t know.

    For TD to be successful, he will have to fight off the GOP to some extent. He doesn’t owe them anything but he doesn’t own them and they don’t own him.

    Now maybe you’ll understand what I mean when I said a few months ago that even if TD won that the country can expect four more years of gridlock and nothing getting done. It’s a distinct possibility. I hope I’m wrong but the pieces of the new administration have to add up and so far they don’t. Lobbyists and Rudy and Newt are three ingredients that more than likely will result in TD’s recipe going sour.


    Yes, very bad news for incumbent Dems. Likely to stay that way for a while too.

    Where those Dems have performed well, they will do OK, weather the storm mostly. Likely true here in Oregon, for example.

    In other places? Look out! It’s not OVER.

    Now, to explain my post some, the overall plan is to do some replacing and organizing is going on right now, has been for a few months.

    The idea there is to fund on people money, and run those people, new people to replace existing politicians. I’m all about that, and it’s more than time to push this changing of the guard right along. The sooner the better.

    Again the fight is shifting from identity lines to class lines, and the hard truth is most of our current government is owned by wealthy interests.

    Time to change that. Some new people, ideally progressives, need to become government.

    The left is going to start talking about money. (about goddammed time) And in that conversation, there is human need, costs and all that put into business terms. Dollars. There is also the reality of how people are funded and what that means while they are in office.

    An overturn of Citizens United is something with very broad support, but it’s a long way off, and frankly, most of government has very little actual incentive to get that done.

    So, people will need to compete with their money, win elections, and get some power and leverage if we are to see more policy aimed at their interests.

    That’s where I’m at on all this.

    We just saw a huge fail, and one of the basic, root causes of that fail is a step away from common man / labor roots. The incentives to do that just aren’t there for the vast majority of politicians.

    People get the politics they pay for. Time to step up, and real change is $27 per month.


    I’m just not gonna give the current party leadership much of my attention right now. Not worth it.

    Should we be successful in pushing the worst out, back filling with new people, ones favorable to populist causes? Yeah, I’m in on that.

    But these clowns? Just no.

    You bet Dems are worried. They really should be.

    Andy Brown

    One of the big curiousities is what drumpf will do when he can’t get his way.

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