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    And wants to replace him with CIA director Mike Pompeo.

    Tillerson, IMO, has been one of the very few voices of reason and common sense within the Trump administration. I would imagine that much of this has to do with North Korea, whom Tillerson has long preached diplomacy and Trump wants to have all the glory (this ought to be interesting!)



    Tillerson was also pretty cozy with Russia, which made me nervous. Don’t know what Pompeo’s approach to election interference will be.



    More likely, Tillerson was about to try to get tough on Russia about the spy that was poisoned in the UK and Putin put a stop to it.

    I was skeptical, but it’s looking more and more like the pee tape might be real.



    Another chair on the Titanic moved.



    Speaking of pee tape, as I can’t find a recent porn star thread to post to this one makes as much sense as any …

    Stormy Daniels says Trump failed to sign the NDA, so it’s invalid. Her attorney offered to refund the hush money (yeah right) and gave a deadline of today for Trump to take the money back.

    She alluded to tapes, video, other “interesting stuff” that could come out regarding Dirty Donnie. But the NDA if enforced by a court could cost her $1M per violation.


    I propose we start a Stormy Daniels Legal Defense Fund on Kickstarter. I’d pay $25 to have this all come out.

    Where’s the popcorn?



    It’s already done

    I like the comment … “Let’s put our money where her mouth is”



    Now is as good a time as any to reflect that the President who had arranged to pay $130,000 to keep a Porn star quiet, is the same President that enjoys the support of evangelical “Christians”.



    Tillerson was “one of the worst secretaries of state” in modern history, according to experts from across the political spectrum



    Tillerson saved himself from placement in the Secretary of State Hall of Shame by calling Trump a fucking idiot.



    I remarked to my wife yesterday how unusual a moment this was. I’m unhappy that a former CEO of Exxon Mobil with no previous governmental or diplomatic experience would no longer be the Sec of State.

    How low the USA has gone.



    “is the same President that enjoys the support of evangelical “Christians”.” – Amus

    WARNING! Selective memory filter is full. Please change filter.
    AS you do not recall. fundamental Christians supported Carson, Marco and Cruz during the primaries. For the general, what is their alternate choice?

    Gotta give it up for the ol’ girl. Mind is willing but the body is weak:

    She might be dead by now. Then we would have to contend with President Tim Kaine.


    Andy Brown

    Evangelical Christian voters are easily fooled.

    Lying liars, clearly a label for GOP politicians that will stick for decades and deservedly so. Republicans lead Democrats in all surreptitious categories.

    The drumpf administration is in fact just one big scandal and unlike all the fake Obama scandals the GOP tried to fabricate, the drumpf scandals are all self inflicted.



    What choice did they have between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea? They voted Satan.
    Just as the current “Blue Wave” is a reaction to King Donald, the “Red Tsunami” is a reaction to King Barack.
    Scandal free? Be real.


    Andy Brown

    Show me where I said all of the GOP attempts to scandalize Obama’s administration were fabricated, nor did I claim that the Obama years were scandal free. I referred to all the GOP invented scandals that were fake. And most of them were. Many reputable sources still claim that the Obama administration was the most scandal free in decades.

    “Republicans claimed that President Barack Obama had used the agency as a weapon against his political opponents, particularly local tea party groups. So terrified was Obama of the East Flipsburg Tea Party Patriots and their ilk that he supposedly undertook a Nixonian plot to crush them under the merciless boot of the federal government.

    The charges were ludicrous from the beginning, but a new report on the IRS matter serves as a potent reminder of what we recently left behind and where we are today. To put it simply, the Obama administration may have been the least corrupt administration in recent history, despite eight years of Republican screeching about a series of non-scandals. In reaction, those same Republicans gave us what is already without doubt the most corrupt administration in recent history.”

    Nunes, a GOP political hack, last year accused top Obama administration officials of improperly “unmasking” Trump associates in intelligence reports — a charge that turned out to be baseless. No matter: The whole point of this game is to make the job of the actual investigators harder while confusing the public about where the true scandal lies.

    “The lawsuit, which a House committee will take up rather seriously on Wednesday, is a frivolous stunt that not only has no chance of succeeding but isn’t even intended to succeed. The belated choice of targets does provides a useful illustration of Republican priorities, though: most notably, registering more outrage at the Affordable Care Act and further attempting to legitimize various fake scandals wafting up from the conservative fever swamp.”

    There’s plenty more where those came from. The point is not that the previous administration was scandal free, rather it is that the current administration is nothing but a giant scandal and it is largely self inflicted. When Obama was POTUS, the GOP had to invent scandals to attack him. The drumpfster and the GOP don’t need Dems inventing scandals, they are self destructing right before our eyes and if you don’t see that, that’s your problem. Go ahead, waste our time with a list of Obama’s few legitimate scandals. That’s not a counter point, just a distraction from the insanity going on in the White House right now. It’s not the Dems that are losing voters daily due to the malfeasance of the CBICOTUS (carnival barker in charge of the U.S.).



    Yeah, I know. Different standards apply.
    There are so many. Just for grins, lemme pick just one:
    “Nunes, a GOP political hack, last year accused top Obama administration officials of improperly “unmasking” Trump associates in intelligence reports — a charge that turned out to be baseless.”
    Scandal Free. Tell that to Michael Flynn.
    “The whole point of this game is to make the job of the actual investigators harder while confusing the public about where the true scandal lies.”

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