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    This is getting uglier and uglier by the hour for Trump, his enablers, and his co-conspiring comrades.

    It appears this is the straw that broke the camel’s back, it’s all documented, and it qualifies for impeachment.

    I say put the GOP Senators on an up or down vote on conviction.

    I predict Trump’s support crumbles at some point and he resigns because he’s a giant pussy.


    And, many people in the administration should be meeting with personal lawyers, starting with Bill Barr and Rudy Dipshit.


    Things are starting to look up. No republicans defended Trump during yesterday’s hearings and Fox News is reportedly in discussions as to how to re-position their network in a post-Trump world. They have the hitherto elusive “smoking gun”!


    This is going to sink Biden. We are on the verge of having a our first Native American presidential contender.

    Andy Brown

    Dream on, ace.

    Keep drinking the gop kool aid.

    You’ve always been unable to fathom politics and the more complex issues.


    It occurred to me what Trump’s first lie was after taking office: It was when he said “I do”, when asked if he swears to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States!


    Trying to hide information on a highly secure, highly sensitive, separate computer that requires a special code to get into, when the subject matter is not top secret…the cover up now becomes bigger than the phone call.


    Biden will sink him self in short order.

    Andy Brown


    Warren is stealing Bernie’s votes. They both are not anywhere close to overcoming Biden’s support amongst the Democratic mainstream, neither with votes nor money.

    There is merit to what Warren and Sanders have to say, but in the end the Democrats just aren’t going to show up in droves or dollars to push them over the mainstream candidacy of Biden.

    Either Warren or Bernie would need to drop out to create a chance for the more progressive arm of the party to win, and even then it may be futile.

    Meanwhile, the country is now consumed in the drumpf hubris as a result of his own malfeasance. The impeachment and trial of drumpf will drown out a lot of the election noise. The more unhinged he becomes, the more news time he will get. Sad but true. Meanwhile, his thirty something percent of the population are slowly leaving his envelope of influence.

    Republican Senators support is waning. Look at the kinds of stories FAUX is running if you doubt me:

    It’s all uphill for Warren and Bernie. It’s all downhill for drumpf. Biden remains at the same level of support he started with (see first link).

    Andy Brown

    “the cover up now becomes bigger than the phone call.”

    Indeed. The Articles Of Impeachment (AOI) are not going to be pretty. Sure, all 10,000+ lies drumpf has uttered won’t be in there, but you can be sure that there will be plenty of drumpf’s lumber being torn apart by the impeachment chipper.

    Clown fools like our resident leper just don’t get it. The AOI are likely to contain at the minimum:

    1. Obstruction Of Justice
    2. Abuse Of Power
    3. Contempt Of Congress

    all explained in excruciating (for drumpf) detail with supportive documents and testimony. All the jibber jabber right now matters little. Accusals and denials right now don’t mean crap.

Viewing 10 posts - 61 through 70 (of 70 total)
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