Trump already lying on Day 1

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    Trump seems to think that the most important thing on Day 1 is the size of the inaugural crowd. And he is apparently lying. Press Secretary Sean Spicer was the mouthpiece, but the concern is that if they can’t get this right, how will they do with much more important matters? Good gawd this is unraveling even more quickly than I expected.


    A denial of fact. Trumps crowd was smaller, and his TV ratings were less than Obama’s. Period. This is fact.

    And on top of that, I’d say nationally more people came out today to protest Trump than to celebrate him the day before.

    A total and complete liar and someone is more concerned about his image than reality.


    None of this is surprising to me. I’m guessing it will get far worse and more obscene.


    OK, I haven’t chimed in yet on this entire sad/scary chapter … but, I kept (hoping) that come Inauguration Day – someone would come out and say ‘Gotcha, America’ — you didn’t really think we’d let this happen did you? — ‘You’ve been pranked – HUGELY’…Now that it appears this is reality (wait, another show in the making??) — I’m putting my Over/Under at 2 years that he will fly too close to the sun and say something, do something, tweet something and then even his supporters will concede ‘ok, this is over the line’ … a guy can hope, right?


    Trump has few fans even among the GOP circles, and if the midterms are a disaster for the Republicans (which is quite possible if things go south, as many of us expect), I am sure the Democrats will turn the screws.


    Has anyone heard GOPee leaders praising the inaugural address? Silence.

    Dan Packard

    Not off to a good start. Here’s the video of last night’s petty Sean Spicer press conference from,

    The Washington Post covers each brash untruthful statement made by Trump’s press secretary Spicer,

    And Politico postulates, Could Trump’s ‘alternative facts’ put lives at risk?

    . . . GOP strategist Steve Schmidt’s alternative view: “purposeful deceit, willful lying by a government spokesperson, is the hallmark of a totalitarian or an authoritarian regime. It’s absolutely pernicious in a democracy.”

    “The issue is small, trivial and stupid — but the act of dishonesty and arguing about it is a big deal,” Schmidt added.

    “There are narcissists who think anything they do is right and anything they say — not persuaded by evidence — that is what is frightening,” said Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian who met with Trump during the transition. “When you’re saying something that is brazenly false and expecting your followers to adhere to it, that’s a dictator. That is not an American president.” . . .

    From Politico,


    On Meet The Press today Chuck Todd tried, really tried and tried and tried(!) to ask Kelly Ann Conway, Trumps’ spokes person why he continues to lie, she would not answer the question, over and over. These people are something else! How in the World can this mess go on. Protests are going on all over the World. You don’t want to tick off the press with fake news comments and all. For Trump to go after CNN is suicide.
    I just do not see this man lasting….


    Republicans in Congress can impeach and remove him whenever they find it pragmatic to do so – but Trump would have to become pretty unpopular first (I mean, much less popular than now), do some really egregious stuff, and they might boot him out. Recall that the guy still has a lot of supporters in the party – and you can’t piss them off without really good cause.

    But it’s going to take a whole lot more than crazy press conferences. Remember: the Republican base has been trained to hate the media, so many of them are probably cheering any time Trump or his spokespeople tangle with the media.

    And even if Republicans could impeach and remove the guy, we’d be stuck with…Mike Pence. Cold comfort, isn’t it?


    Pence would indeed be even worse, as he has demonstrated to be ultra-conservative, where Trump, despite his shortcomings, is somewhat of a moderate conservative.

    Pence does seem to be more stable, and more of a statesman for it is worth.

    The best scenario would be for Trump to continue to disappoint up to the mid-terms, and the Dems get their footing back in Congress.


    So this is what a presidential implosion is like.



    “The best scenario would be for Trump to continue to disappoint..”

    He’s been in office TWO DAYS.

    Many of us are NOT DISAPPOINTED at all.


    Keep drinking the Kool-Aid. Two days is enough to realize he is out of his element, and definitely not up to the job. Most see this, even most Republicans.


    Let us know when Trump says or does something you have a problem with, Bacon. Maybe you can take a break until then.


    Case in point: When Trump claims that 3-5 million votes were cast illegally, does he not realize that he is DELEGITIMIZING HIS OWN WIN? If 100,000 votes for Trump in PA, MI and WI had shifted to Clinton (or anyone else, for that matter) then Hillary would be president. 100,000 is 2% of five million. Why does everyone think that all of the supposed 5 million illegal votes were for Hillary?

    Trump is worse than a liar. He is a bad liar. As in, unable to see how transparently false his lies obviously are, or that his lies are self-defeating.

    Now he’s been backed into a corner, and is demanding an investigation into all these illegal voting. Distraction? Misdirection? Desparation? Or does he truly believe his own bullshit?

    Whatever detour from reality Trump is on (has been on, actually) Bacon is following close behind.

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