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    I think the “TrumpTrumpTrump” is something that is heard at his base rally’s. Which, to me sounds like a high school football game more than anything else. Carry on…


    I was thinking of the organ music heard at baseball games:



    He once asked for my help but when he added the political board, it just got to be too much for me.

    The children needed their sandbox.


    Appears ’round here, near every thread, no matter the topic, twists and turns towards Trump. Just givn’ what y’all seem to want and need. More TRUMPTRUMPTRUMPTRUMPTRUMPTRUMPTRUMPTRUM
    Yer welcome.


    In the early days of the Politics & Other Things part of the board, we used to have more discussions about music, top (whatever) lists, and miscellaneous topics.

    Obama had his detractors on this side of the board, too. One of them left the for good a few years ago, and he made it known that he would be leaving. Most exited quietly, perhaps because they became bored with the content of the discussions.

    I still find this site to be more engaging than Facebook. On that site, I rarely find posts that are thought-provoking AND original content.


    Obama you know, was squeeky clean, yet according to his distractors, he was the worst president since, well, Bush. Now that the table has turned, we’ve been buried in crow that the GOP knows they’re gonna have to eat. Each day Trump dumps another load of dead crows. So, of course it’s all Trump, all the time!


    Of all the US Presidents during my lifetime, Trump is my last choice to participate in a peace summit, particularly one with a country that has nuclear missiles. It should be noted that the LA Times article cited at the beginning of this thread states that diplomatic efforts by the US to convince North Korea to roll back its nuclear program have consistently failed, since the early 1990s.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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