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    Andy Brown

    Donald Trump admitted in a new interview that if he releases his tax returns, he will lose the election.

    Trump admitted that there is something in his tax returns that will cause him to lose the election. His reference to his own belief that something in Romney’s tax return cost Republicans in 2012 was about as close to an admission as voters are going to get from Trump.

    Donald Trump defended his tax returns as legal, but that doesn’t mean that it’s right. What Trump is most likely hiding is the fact that he hasn’t paid any personal income taxes for decades. Trump isn’t paying his fair share of taxes. That is what he is hiding. Donald Trump is trying to pass himself off as some sort of blue-collar billionaire while he is manipulating the system in a way that no working class American ever could.

    Trump Admits That He Will Lose The Election If He Releases His Tax Returns


    And we have Donald Trump wanting to run America the Business way.


    Who pays taxes they don’t have to pay? That’s nothing to be ashamed of.

    “Fair share” is for legislatures to decide, and he had no say in the tax laws. Good for him if he paid the least tax possible, just like every other business person does and just like Hillary Clinton does. If it’s “not right” what he paid, that’s a tax law issue and not his responsibility.

    I don’t doubt he has skeletons in his closet, however, just as his opponent does. I would be very much in favor of BOTH candidates revealing ALL. We get to see Trump’s tax returns and whatever else is questionable AND we get to read whatever was not private on the 30,000 emails Hillary inappropriately deleted, we get to see the transcripts of her $250,000 speeches, and we get to know all the details of where all monies came from and went in her foundation.

    I want Trump’s tax returns released but I also want all details of Hillary’s secret doings released. That’s fair.

    If such a thing were proposed, I believe Hillary would be the one to resist, since she likely has many more skeletons in her closet, and some would say she probably has some real ones.

    Andy Brown

    Nice try, F&Bacon.

    Apples and oranges.

    donald’s tax returns being released has nothing to do with the witch hunt in Congress on Hillary that’s been ongoing for 25 years. It is customary for presidential wannabees to release their taxes.

    Your notion of fair share is not shared by the main stream. People that use loopholes and shelters that are only available to high income earners is in itself counter to the wishes of the people and only exists because of the GOP congress being uninterested in getting rid of them. Smart politicians who happen to be wealthy know that shelter and loopholes are abusive but legal. They, us and you know that just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right. Just like Citizens United. Being a racist and misogynist like donald (or you or dorque) isn’t illegal, either, but it is wrong and if you carry that into your business no doubt will bring you lawsuits.

    Very lame, Vern. You can do better.


    Hillary needs to release her wallstreet Speeches and I think the public deserves to see what is in those 30,000 e mails.

    Andy Brown

    Presidential candidates routinely disclose their personal taxes. donald is the first one not to in modern times. By his own admission (see O.P.) he’s hiding something that would be frowned on by the public.

    In the Inspector General’s report released by the inspector general of the State Department shows that, on the topics it analyzes, there is no Clinton email scandal. (The report doesn’t deal with classification issues.) And all the heavy breathing in news reports that there is something important here is bunk. Yes, the report shows that Clinton, former Secretary of State Colin Powell and the senior staff of former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice used personal email accounts for daily work communications. (Rice didn’t use emails at all.) And yes, it shows plenty of people in Democratic and Republican administrations made some mistakes in following protocol for emails. But once you start digging deeper, what’s clear is that the State Department’s management of the email systems and procedures was a long-standing Keystone Kops operation, which is why so many intelligent people on both sides of the political aisle screwed up—but screwed up in ways that largely do not matter.

    You and Bacon can try to make an issue out of it, still, but it only makes you look like a bigger bozo then you are already perceived as.

    Do you really believe voters will base their decisions at the ballot box on whether the documents in question were preserved strictly following the mandated procedures? Will anyone except partisans really care about a technical error that created no harm and had no nefarious motive? Would this column or an article declaring the email imbroglio to be a massive scandal actually change a vote?

    I think not. The GOP does do something well. It’s called manufacturing scandals where there are none.

    Nice try dorque, but no dice. Your comment is off topic. donald would not be in legal trouble about his taxes, it’s the knowledge that he hasn’t paid into the system in probably decades that will damage his chances which are already quite remote.

    BTW, as long as I have your attention, the latest polls show the Hillary bounce puts her back on top nationally and in a handful of key swing states.

    It’s all over but the vote counting. Donald Trump, loser. Candidate Trump, you’re fired.


    Imagine the outcry from the usual suspects if Hillary refused to release her tax records.

    That would be an actual reason to foam at the mouth as opposed to the misinformation and conspiracy theorizing that currently make up their main points of attack.

    Hypocrisy, thy name is GOP.


    My thoughts are there are several reasons why he won’t release his returns:

    1. He pays little to no Federal income taxes.
    2. He doesn’t earn as much income as he claims he does.
    3. He gives very little to charity.
    4. They would expose many shady partnerships with unsavory characters.

    Honestly, his best option is to no release them.


    Those four points are almost universally believed to be why Trump is hiding his tax returns.

    His reasons for not submitting them are a lie. I.e. There’s no rule, no reason, no law, no precedent that would prevent a private citizen from releasing their tax records to the public. His claims that he can’t do so because he’s “under an audit” have been widely debunked up to and including by the head of the IRS.

    If his tax records became public his already tenuous path to victory would be entirely ruined. He knows it. His campaign knows it. Smart people from all corners of the political spectrum knows it.

    Without question, he’s going to stonewall on that point right through the election. He has no upside in doing so.

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