Trickle Down Racism

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    Mitt Romney suggested Friday that Donald Trump’s election could legitimize racism and misogyny, ushering in a change in the moral fabric of American society.

    The 2012 Republican nominee, who has openly opposed Trump’s candidacy, went further than he has before in outlining to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer how the country’s character would suffer in a Trump White House. Trump’s rhetoric has caused even some other Republicans to label him a racist, and Romney said he would not be able to paper over his incendiary remarks.

    “I don’t want to see trickle-down racism,” Romney said in an interview here in a suite overlooking the Wasatch Mountains, where he is hosting his yearly ideas conference. “I don’t want to see a president of the United States saying things which change the character of the generations of Americans that are following. Presidents have an impact on the nature of our nation, and trickle-down racism, trickle-down bigotry, trickle-down misogyny, all these things are extraordinarily dangerous to the heart and character of America.”

    I love the phrase Trickle Down Racism. Might be the phrase of the fall campaign.


    Perhaps, the trickle down racism is true. The Miami New Times reports of a controversial Halloween installation in Kendall, FL, a suburb of Miami. The installation shows two faceless, brown-skinned effigies, dressed in Hip-Hop fashions, hanging from a tree. In close proximity to the Halloween installation is a Trump/Pence sign:

    This is in a rather affluent suburban neighborhood with CC&Rs, not a trailer park or a rural area.


    It’s not even trickle down anymore, it’s simply a flood.

    “Reporters covering a Donald Trump rally in Arizona Saturday were baited by a man who shouted an anti-Semitic chant and told them: “You’re going down!”

    The man, wearing a “Hillary for prison” t-shirt, repeatedly yelled “Jew-S-A!” at journalists even as he stood next to a child at the campaign event, in Phoenix.

    “We know who you are! You’re the enemy!” he shouted at reporters and media workers who were in their designated press area.

    The man’s actions were captured on camera by some reporters.

    Pretty disgusting video.

    Andy Brown

    The fear of the rise of American fascism is what drumpf has on his plate. He needs to give the racists and the ‘phobes what they want if he hopes to get reelected.

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