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    This is a topic that has been floating out there for several weeks or months.

    Will Republicans and/or Conservatives or Moderates vote democratic this fall to keep Trump out?

    I believe this is an under-reported phenomenon and reminds me of 1964, when LBJ attracted many republicans to beat Barry Goldwater. LBJ won many Republican States in this election. Yes, you can argue this was the aftermath of the JFK assassination, but the other factor was that the electorate was afraid of Goldwater. Sound familar?


    No. Republicans and conservatives will support Trump. So will a significant minority of Democrats.


    I also think and heard that it would be the other way around.


    I don’t put a lot of stock in the idea that conservatives will vote for Hillary because Trump. What I do put stock in is that there will more conservatives than usual that will simply not vote for him, or vote for a 3rd party.

    I also don’t put much stock in reliable Democrats voting for Trump because Hillary. Once Hillary can officially be the candidate, she’ll get the Dem vote by and large. Sure, there may be a few pissed off Berie Bros out there, but no where near the mutiny that will occur with the red team.

    So what this boils down to is the EV map. Where will Trump make up for what Romney lost in 2012?


    Trump is going nowhere. He’s at his peak now (and has been for a while) and doesn’t have a path to an electoral vote victory now. How does it get better for him?

    After the convention, there will be stepped up attacks on Trump for his willful and outrageous fabrications. The Warrens, Obamas, even Sanders will be out in full force. Full flaps will not arrest a Trump stall. Trump’s own accidental deployment of thrush reversers while in flight will be icing on the cake.

    Enjoy a piece. It tastes just like white vanilla. 🙂

    Andy Brown

    proud2baconservative “No. Republicans and conservatives will support Trump. So will a significant minority of Democrats.”

    Hello, proud to bacon servative. Your post and handle are reminiscent of another cocksure right winger that has been thrown out of here numerous times. The odor of your post matches his.

    Do the research and don’t post like a chump. Crossover voting in the General Election is a fact and another fact is the prognosticators anticipate a much larger R to D voting block then the reverse. In addition, much of the GOP’s top names have already announced they are staying home, and that is more key to this discussion. The amount of no show Republicans next November is anticipated to be the largest in history and any student of political history knows that Republicans can not win without a huge turnout. Face it, more people think Trump is a phony asshole then folks that think Hillary is a criminal.
    Electorally, it’s all uphill for Trump.

    Since ya’ll mostly focused on the negatives, the numbers show Trump’s negatives have been and still are consistently greater then Hillary’s.

    Another prognosticator predicts that after the conventions, Trump’s negatives will be worse but Hillary’s will shrink.

    But the real nail in Trump’s coffin is his lack of popularity with Hispanics. Mr. Trump’s deep unpopularity with Hispanic voters, after labeling Mexican migrants criminals and calling for a “deportation force,” complicates his prospects in the swing states of Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and especially Florida. A Republican can not win without most of these swing states.

    A CBS News poll in April measured his unpopularity among Hispanics at 82 percent.

    “Many Hispanic voters see this as a watershed election, where Donald Trump has put the good name of their community on the ballot.”


    Hillary might not even get a chance to be president if she is indicted, she is still under an FBI investigation and the public is still aware of that. Let’s also remember that Hillary has a problem with Men, much worse than trump does with women. Men hate Hillary Clinton, they think she is a fraud and untrustworthy. She offended the Coal miners and I have a hard time believing any of the veterans will be voting for her. Hillary is doing an awful job with her campaign, millenials hate her and will not be voting for her. While Trumps unfavorable numbers are the highest, Hillary Clintons are not far behind, and they continue to rise. If you think Bernies supporters will come over to Hillarys side during the general election you are delusional. Hillary Clinton is an insider who is bought and paid for by Goldman Sachs, she is everything that the Sander’s supporters are against.


    Everything you said and edited numerous times is still wrong. All counts.

    You should change your name to radiodouchebag. It’s more fitting.


    It’s like retarded performance art.


    So what this boils down to is the EV map. Where will Trump make up for what Romney lost in 2012?


    Those are doable for starters and are sufficient. But I think there will be some surprises. I think Trump is going to consider himself a contender in every state.


    Well, the last sentence is accurate. Delusional and factually unsupportable, but accurate.



    Doesn’t this all sound so much like how Romney was going to win in a landslide in 2012?

    The bubble is no place to live your life son.

    Andy Brown

    ” I think Trump is going to consider himself a contender in every state.”

    NatĂĽrlich sehr. However, Trump is a bombastic egocentric narcissistic micromanager. He has no skills for politics, rather he is good at only one aspect of winning elections . . . spinning lies and deceit into campaign rhetoric. Since Republicans are so fucking stupid, his one skill is all it takes to get votes.

    As to the states you mentioned, that is a total pipe dream. He will never win Florida because of its Hispanic and Cuban voters. Virginia is a swing state and there is no convincing argument that a reckless turd like Trump can win there since many, smarter, more likable Republicans have lost there. Ohio is largely a union state and Trump lost there in the primaries. Ohio Republicans are not going to support him and probably won’t even vote for President at all. Wisconsin went for Cruz. ‘Nuff said. Gosh, F&B, you seem to have lost your edge. You appear to be more consumed by arbitrary partisanship then ever before. It doesn’t take much analysis to see your “opinions” on how the general will play out seem more stupid and uninformed then ever before. BTW, I haven’t written Dan yet about your defiance of his wishes to stay away from this forum, so enjoy it while you can. Your ignorance IS NOT as good as the combined intelligence on this forum. Better keep your day bag packed because your time here is limited.


    I was going to call him (bacon boy) El Pope, but clearly we were thinking the same thing.


    This GOP to DEM movement was a story on NBC Nightly News tonight. (Unfortunately I can’t find a link from NBC), but the takeaway was that roughly 6-8% of republicans will move to Clinton this year. That may seem small, but it really isn’t. Still looking for that link…

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