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    Local radio has lost one more slot to syndicated programming. 1080 The Fan (KFXX-AM) tied the can to host Travis Demers. His final show was Wednesday night. Demers appeared at the end of “Primetime With Isaac & Suke” on Wednesday prior to his own final show and explained that station management apparently decided ratings weren’t high enough for a local show, and decided to run ESPN Radio programming in its place. I suppose you could translate that to say that it was the cost of running a local show versus a syndicated show that led to the end of his show.

    Interestingly, management did not pull the plug on Demers right away. He said he had been informed of the decision a couple of weeks before, but they allowed him to see out the rest of his tenure with the station instead of taking unused vacation. He told Isaac Ropp that management gave him an excellent reference and that he is in good standing with Entercom for future reemployment. Demers had been with The Fan for a total of ten years over two stints at the station.

    In the meantime, Demers will continue with his website/blog,, where he posts sports news and opinions.

    I’m sorry to see another local program go by the boards. Here’s hoping something good comes out of this for Travis.


    I feel bad for Demers. He was put in two tough situations. The first was the awkward pairing with Josh Wilcox during the lunch hour. His long, monologue style was better suited for a solo show, but getting the time slot after the drive home is usually a death sentence in the business. I’m not surprised The Fan gave up on it and returned to syndicated programming. I wonder how long the local weekend shows last before the plug is pulled on them. Personally I’d rather have three hours of SVP and cut DD&S to two hours, but I usually prefer national sports talk over most local, Isaac and Suke the exception.


    I think the bigger picture is the overall direction of the cluster and their commitment to sports programming: NO local PBP except for HS sports, SOPHOMORIC midday “hosts” (if I want to hear “fart” jokes and 3 hours of inside jokes, I’ll go to my local watering hole on a Saturday night), and absolutely NO promotion beside yet another FIND ME A SPORTS TALK WANNABE THAT I CAN PAY PEANUTS TO FOR THE GLORY OF CRACKING A MIKE…

    Silly..and stupid..hope Travis lands on his feet.


    Funny that you mention that, eugenedux…that is exactly what The Fan is doing. They’ve announced a new round of “Hunt for the Host” contest. Why bother going to school, learning the craft, interning, and settling for low-wage or odd-hours/weekend work to get your foot in the door when you can just enter a contest?


    Z100 had someone who did that. Now, what was her name?


    Travis is on 620 this morning as they reviewed Jerome Kersey passing.


    Seems Entercom Keeps shooting KFXX in the foot. The Loss of KWOD in Salem is just one example. Hopefully KBZY will take on ESPN for Salem at some point.

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