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    Scott Young

    I heard K283BL on 104.5 this afternoon with a full quieting carrier when I drove to Music Millennium at 32nd and Burnside. Me-TV FM was completely buried, and they usually sound pretty good in the car on the east side as long as you’re not behind Rocky Butte, Mt. Tabor, etc. I wonder if Me-TV are passing out listener forms to fight the translator like KISN did? I would sure fill one out. For music in the car I rotate between Me-TV FM, KISN and KBPS. They’re each unique and complement each other well IMO.


    Maybe K283BL has their Lamp Timer set up backwards. Shuts off when it’s supposed to turn on.?

    The transmitter’s not next to a lumber yard by chance, is it?


    I think the break off point is the 45dbu contour but I’m pretty sure that you’re within it.


    After almost two months of transmitting an ATSC1 carrier with no modulation, KPXG-LD RF21, Vir42 has finally added modulation to its signal. I see two virtual channels, 42-1 and 42-2. Both are religiously oriented.

    KPXG-LD first appeared on RF21 on 12-20-19 at a low power level. It continued at that power until it left the air on 8-10-20. It returned to the air at a higher power but without modulated (i.e.beyond the transmitter’s spectrum spreading code) on 9-17-20. Yesterday it added modulation to its signal.



    Haven’t checked up on Phoenix & DrAkbar & crew for a while.
    Lamptimer’s long gone tho.

Viewing 5 posts - 121 through 125 (of 125 total)
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